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Instagram: Dara Follows “parksiblingscatstagram” on Instagram

Dara followed parksiblingscatstagram on Instagram which has photos of Dara, Thunder and CL’s cute kitties! ^_^ We are not sure if its Dara who is updating the account but there are cute photos of Dadoong, Bambi, Ore0, Puding and Donut.

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Twitter/Instagram: Dara Shares a Cute Picture of Two Adorable Sisters ~ “Pudding and Donut!”

Awww so cute! These are CL’s new kitties! ❤ Maybe taken during the time she visited Chaerin’s house? ^_^


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사이좋은 자매 ^_^ #조카 #푸딩 #도넛

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Sisters who have a good relationship with each other ^_^


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