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Instagram: Cute, Fashionable Dara Shares Pics from her Japan Trip with Friends~ From Cafe Kitsune, Fake Tokyo, Robot Restaurant, and All Over Tokyo

Not entirely sure of Dara’s itinerary while in Japan.. But looks like they went to Tokyo Disney Sea on Friday night, then Cafe Kitsune and shabu-shabu the next day and night-out, then at Fake Tokyo, Robot Restaurant, and walk around Tokyo the day after.. XD But nonetheless, I’m glad Dara got a chance to enjoy and relax and spend time with friends, specially since Crank will start filming soon, if the news are to be believed.. ^^ She’s with Xin, Bajowoo, Shojo Yanagi, Soo Joo, Masahiro Nakajima, 


Cafe Kitsune 🍵☕️


Good bye abs!!! 😂👋🏼 I’ll send my abs on vacation for a while again~!!!#sukiyaki #shabushabu #oishii


Woah~ Its Christmas… Its Christmas… 🎄


Robot Restaurant was fun! It was a new experience 😁


^_^ Good night 😴