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Instagram: WKorea Uploads a Pic of Edgy, Grungy, Cool Dara Wearing Givenchy for a Photoshoot in Brooklyn~ November Issue Release!

Ooohhh so edgy and grungy and cool and oh my gosh, another side of Sandara Park I cannot wait to meet!!! ❤ So she was shooting a li’l something something for WKorea! ^_^ It’ll be released in November, her birth month, so I really, really hope that we get a lot of great pictures! ^^ I like WKorea, they show different concepts, and if you recall previous photoshoots featuring 2NE1 or Dara, you would see that the concept changes every time.. ^^


Met this beautiful woman, Sandara Park, in New York’s Brooklyn (@daraxxi). Her charming appearance while wearing this breathtaking Givenchy dress in this photoshoot, will be released in WKorea’s November issue. 


Source: wkorea

Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara