Ooohhh so edgy and grungy and cool and oh my gosh, another side of Sandara Park I cannot wait to meet!!! ❤ So she was shooting a li’l something something for WKorea! ^_^ It’ll be released in November, her birth month, so I really, really hope that we get a lot of great pictures! ^^ I like WKorea, they show different concepts, and if you recall previous photoshoots featuring 2NE1 or Dara, you would see that the concept changes every time.. ^^


Met this beautiful woman, Sandara Park, in New York’s Brooklyn (@daraxxi). Her charming appearance while wearing this breathtaking Givenchy dress in this photoshoot, will be released in WKorea’s November issue. 


Source: wkorea

Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: WKorea Uploads a Pic of Edgy, Grungy, Cool Dara Wearing Givenchy for a Photoshoot in Brooklyn~ November Issue Release!" (1)

  1. ygbiasedassed said:

    The fact that Dara only gets a featuring on these K-magazine saddens me a lot. I mean isn’t she good enough to be on a cover of a magazine??? She have never been on a cover of a magazine when in fact that’s where she’s supposed to be. Like her company, these magazines are only using her as well. That totally sucks, dara doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

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