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Twitter/Cap: Black Eye Peas and Dara Conversed in Tagalog

As we all know, Dara was able to meet when 2NE1 worked with A fan asked him if he and Dara were able to converse in Tagalog when they met and he said yes.

For those who don’t know, is Filipino.


@inxang: Everything is ok..hehe…:D I’m curious if you and Sandara of 2NE1 spoke/conversed in Tagalog? She is still good at speaking tagalog.. 😀 @inxang yeah!

Source: @apl_de + @inxang

Info: Black Eyed Peas Member (@apl_de) Follows Dara (@krungy21) on Twitter

I wonder how these two interacted when they met! ^_^ I bet Dara showed off her Tagalog skills to me and he just looked at her dumbfounded!

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