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News: Sandara Park Voted As The Top Vampire Star “Cannot Believe She’s Already 30”

Sandara Park Voted As The Top Vampire Star “Cannot Believe She’s Already 30”


Sandara Park was voted as the number one vampire star, due to her ageless beauty.

A plastic surgery clinic, Lamar Clinic, conducted a survey last December 10 to 31 titled, “Which vampire star is ageless even when the year changes to 2013?Sandara Park garnered 29% of the votes (185 votes) out of the 639 respondents who answered the survey, crowning her as the top vampire star.

According to the participants of the survey who voted for Sandara Park, their reasons for voting for her were, “She really looks ageless, it’s like she’s taken age preservatives. I can’t believe she’s already 30,” “Even if you stand her next to 10 other girl group members, her looks would still shine and stand out,” and other similar reasons.

Choi Geum Jung, the director of Lamar Clinic, commented with, “Sandara Park always has this youthful appearance, she has clean, firm skin and a round, soft face line; She even has the ideal facial proportions, we call it the golden ratio, which is 1:1:0.8,” he said, “The top star would be recognized through these quite extreme conditions,” he explained.

After Sandara Park, the actress of the recent drama, “Cheongdamdong Alice,” Moon Geun-Young (153 votes) came out as second place for her cute looks. In third place is “School 2013” actress Jang Na Ra with 20% (128 votes) of the votes, while SNSD’s leader, Taeyeon got fourth place with 19% (121 votes) of the total votes. Other placers were Shin Min Ah, Goo Hye Sun, and Lim Soo Jeong.


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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara