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Me2day: It’s D-Day to 2NE1 New Evolution Concert in Seoul!

Goddess Dara seems so excited as much as we are.. Hwaiting Daralings and Blackjacks who will watch the concert later.. It’s at 6:00 PM KST ^_^


[뉴에콘 D-day] 좋은아침입니다! 오늘이 벌써 콘서트날이라니!*.* 잠은 얼마 못잣지만 피곤하지않아! 기분, 컨디션 모두 ~ 나 마음먹기 나름이니까^_^오늘 하루 기분좋게 재밌게!와일드하게..놀아볼래용! 대신 관객님들 호응 많이 해줘야되요! 소리 많이 지르구~!^^

[NUEVCON D DAY]. It’s a great morning! Can’t believe it’s already the concert day! *.* I didn’t sleep much but I’m not tired at all! Mood, body condition, everything ~ because its my own resolution. ^_^ Just for today with a good mood and fun way! In a wild way….I want to play! But you have to cheer me on! And make a lot of noise~!^^


[뉴에콘 화환] 덩그러니 우리 대기실앞에 있는 1등으로 온 화환!!! 프롬 싸이오빠~!!!!!^.^ 와아아아아~ 오빤 강남스똬일~!+.+ 응원 너무 감사합니다!!! 체조경기장에서의 첫공연!!! 싸이오빠의 에너지를 받아서 우리도 오늘 격하게! 뛰어~!!!!!!!!!!

[NUEVCON WREATH] Waiting in front of our waiting room is our first wreath!!! From Psy Oppa~!!!^.^ Waaaaahhhh~ Oppa is Gangnam style~! +.+ Thank you so much for cheering us on!!! The first performance in the Gymnastics Stadium!!! We will take Psy oppa’s energy and bring the heat! Run ~!!!!!!!!!!



[뉴에콘 화환] 리허설하구 돌아오니 이화환이 와잇어요!!!ㅠㅠ 흑흑 내동생… 지금 일본공연 갔는데 이렇게 누나를 잊지않고 챙기다니…ㅠㅠ 나 눈물나서 어떡하나 흑 아가~ 누나 오늘 열심히 할게!!! 흑…… 센치해짐! 하지만 힘내서 할것임!^.^홧팅!!!

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“My older sister who looks good even with a half-shaved head, 2NE1 concert fighting! Should I shave half my head, too?”


Dara updates with a colorful sea of lightsticks at the concert!!! Wooot! ^_^

[뉴에콘 첫콘후기] 진~짜!!! 재밌었어요!!!ㅠㅠ스포하고싶지않아서 말을 아끼겟지만 모두 새로웟죠?!?재밌엇어요?!?나 어땟어용?!! 후기를 남겨달라!!! 오늘 역시나 퉨콘답게 관객분들 완전 핫!햇어요+.+진짜 신나구~흥분되구!미치는줄알앗어요!최고!내일도 기대!^.^


Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translations by: ygdragonheart@DGH + big_seunghyun@twitter