Sandara Park X Kang Seungyoon Model for YG’s Monumental “Artistic” Photo Shoot


SANDARA PARK and KANG SEUNGYOON stepped up as heroine and hero for YG’s monumental pictorial shoot.

On the evening of the 27th, SANDARA and KANG SEUNGYOON made a surprise reveal of their photo shoot by posting a video of them at the shoot via ‘LIVESTORY’ featuring of ‘SNOW’, a communication app.

In the video, the two show their fun and mischevous sides, filling the clip with their explosive wits, and lead the shoot on a happy vibe.

However, the two became more serious than ever as the actual shoot began. The glimpses of their chic and lofty shoot, which can be seen in the behind the scenes clip, only heighten the excitement for the pictorial.

Previously on the 26th, YG has gathered much attention as it revealed its first collaboration project with LVMH. The teaser images released at the time concealed the identity of the models and merely showed parts of their body, intriguing the public.

This project photo shoot features the 2016 F/W collection of ‘KENZO,’ a fashion brnad owned by LVMH. For the photoshoot, KENZO itself has flew in collection samples that are not available in Korea, from various countries including France and Singapore. From the internationally reknowned photographer Ok Jinhyuk, to the creative team, cinematography, hair, makeup, to styling, some of the best hands in the entertainment business came together for the photo shoot.

YG Creative Director said that they produced results of elevated consummation by approaching the photo shoot in a more artistic angle than that is often taken in the entertainment industry. YG also explained that “as this photo shoot will be revealed not only through Koreana press, but also through diverse foreign media that paid great attention from preparation to execution, aiming to create an art piece rather than a photo shoot.” LVMH also could not hide its satisfaction that “the unprecedented collaboration between a luxury brand and UYG that boasts exceptional creative capabilities, has produced results that have never been seen.”

The main contents of the photo shoot of SANDARA PARK and KANG SEUNGYOON will be divided into two parts, the first will be revealed on midnight of the 27th of September, and the second at midnight of the 29th, on the YG STAGE site and its official SNS account. The collaboration of two bold characters, YG and KENZO, has been expressed under the theme, “PYGMALION.”

PYGMALION” is a sculptor in Greek mythology who falls in love with his own sculpture. In pyschology, the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to performance is called the “Pygmalion Effect,” after the mythological figure.


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Oh hello thereeee gorgeous!❤ From her classy, romantic style for Fendi, to her trendy, funky style for Moschino, Dara donned a totally different style for DIESEL Gold Black 2017 show. ^^ She wore an edgy, all-black attire, with knee high boots and rainbow-colored hair in a high pony tail.. ^^ I love her red lipstick too, it added a pop of color to her black ouffit…❤ This might just be my favorite look of hers for MFW.. How about you? ^^






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So this was taken on the 23rd too.. It might be when they arrived at the hotel.. ^^





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From chic, romantic lady style for Fendi to trendy, funky style for Moschino just a few hours after the Fendi show!❤ Love how Dara is like a chameleon. .^^ I did figure that she’d come to support Moschino, as the girls are all good friends with Jeremy Scott and I’m sure that Dara would have wanted to show her support as well..❤ I 








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After the Fendi show, Dara went to Duomo di Milano! A few fans saw her and were able to take photos of and with her. ^__^







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Dara looks stunning!❤ For her first front-row show in Milan Fashion Week, Dara wore a fashionable, expensive piece from the Fendi runway, the “Fendi Cold-Shoulder Wavy-Striped Belted Midi Dress” and priced at $3800 on Fendi’s online store.. But further searches on online shops put it at PHP 396,465.00 retail. O_O 

Anways, while I am not a very big fan of her dress, but I love her over-all styling! It’s stylish, chic, and high-fashion. I love the earrings paired with the simple black pumps. Her red clutch, also from Fendi, also provided a pop of color as well. .^^ And her hair! I think we’ve all agreed that we love her new hairstyle..😄









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Dara looked simply gorgeous and charming when she arrived at Incheon airport yesterday to catch a flight for Milan! It’s been confirmed that she will be attending Milan Fashion Week, probably Fendi show.. ^^ She will also be there for a shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea! ^^

Press really went crazy with the pictures yesterday and uploaded so many at such a short time kekeke! ^^ Dara’s fashion was  lauded well. She mixed a black leather jacket with denim top and ripped jeans, with a black biker shirt. ^^ She was chic and fashionable, yet suitably dressed for fall.. And her hairrr! It looks perfect on her! Also, the press kept making article titles about Dara making the airport her runway and how she walked like she was on a runway, even while just crossing the road. ^^ 

[´õÆÑÆ®¤ÓÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ×=¹èÁ¤ÇÑ ±âÀÚ] ÆмǸŰÅÁø ÄÚ½º¸ðÆú¸®Åº È­º¸ÃÔ¿µÀ» À§ÇØ ÀÌÅ»¸®¾Æ ¹Ð¶ó³ë·Î Ãâ±¹ÇÏ´Â °É±×·ì Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿øÀÇ ¸â¹ö »ê´Ù¶ó¹ÚÀÌ 21ÀÏ ÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ× Ãâ±¹ÀåÀ¸·Î µé¾î¼­°í ÀÖ´Ù. »çÁøÆÀ


[´õÆÑÆ®¤ÓÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ×=¹èÁ¤ÇÑ ±âÀÚ] ÆмǸŰÅÁø ÄÚ½º¸ðÆú¸®Åº È­º¸ÃÔ¿µÀ» À§ÇØ ÀÌÅ»¸®¾Æ ¹Ð¶ó³ë·Î Ãâ±¹ÇÏ´Â °É±×·ì Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿øÀÇ ¸â¹ö »ê´Ù¶ó¹ÚÀÌ 21ÀÏ ÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ× Ãâ±¹ÀåÀ¸·Î µé¾î¼­°í ÀÖ´Ù. »çÁøÆÀ

[더팩트ㅣ인천국제공항=임세준 인턴기자] 가수 산다라박이 화보 촬영차 21일 오후 인천국제공항을 통해 이탈리아 밀라노로 출국하고 있다. 사진팀









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Dara is such a cute and sweet fangirl!❤ Just look at her getting all giddy over Sechs Kies!❤


Before I went to the waiting room, my heart was really pounding with excitement; then I got in, greeted them and took pictures.. Why did the light make my face look like a fright like this`.. ㅠ.ㅠ So regretful… Standing in their midst, the oppa-nims really look handsome 😍 ps. Jaejin-oppa… That’s not my popular hand gesture that I told you about ^^;;ㅋㅋ Although I was just playing around, I think the oppas believed it (awesome and cute >.<) It’s so kind of Jaejin-oppa to remember In Or Out even if it was 12 years ago already >.< 12 years ago was a dark period (T/N: a certain period in the past that is so painful or shameful that you want to forget), so let’s put it aside nicely like this… ㅋㅋㅋ 🙈🙈🙈


No~ I can’t believe it! I’m in the same company as Sechs Kies oppas… Isn’t this really awesome?! Waahhhh… For ladies my age, there’s really no other men that we liked more than oppas when we were still students; today I felt like a sensitive 14-year old girl again …Waahhh.. We are! YG! Family, family, family~~~ This is great.. Daebakk.. Now I’m wishing for a fam con.. since now ㅋㅋ Ahhh, I really am grateful today with all the 90s music and dance.. I.. just for today.. will be a teenage girl.. 🙈🙈🙈 ha.. Happy… #SechsKies

This is truly… Reply 1997…. I can’t believe it……  My heart is throbbing… #SechsKies #couple


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Dara and Mario are just soooo sizzling hot together! LOOK. AT. THEM. Why are they so perfect together? Individually, they are already good-looking, gorgeous individuals, but they have an undeniable chemistry in this shoot that brings out more of their gorgeousness..😄










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Dara has been charming everyone, including the contestants, with her sound judgment, encouraging smiles, and unwavering dedication in the show!❤ We hope to see more of beautiful Judge Dara in the future eps!❤







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