Kozue book signing event 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



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Comments on: "Twitter + Instagram: 180530 – Sandara Park attends Kozue Book Signing Event!" (2)

  1. Gil Paraiso said:

    Lately, I’ve observed she doesn’t smile on her pictures anymore. I thought maybe it’s her “model face” look or something. You know, where they try to look intense. But even on casual pictures like this with her suppose friends or random fantaken ones-she hardly ever smile! Is there something wrong in the personal front? Is it because YGE lately seemsed not to be giving her the acting jobs she wants and keeps on inserting her in these variety shows? I read a senior YGE actress she follows on IG complained about tge lack of work on TV a few days ago. Why is it like she’s carrying a heavy burden or something? Is it some kind of protest against the mismanagement of her acting career? Anyway, I hope she’s just tired because she does look tired lately that she’s starting to look older. I hope she smiles more often it not only makes her look prettier but so much younger.

    • she might just be tired. and yes, so far we dont know about her acting career. but 107th night won on an exclusive screening., so lets pray

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