The Cheese In The Yellow Carpet, a special concept premiere, will be held before the release of the romantic thriller Cheese in the Trap. 

‘Cheese in the Trap’, which will be released on March 14th, is a perfect thriller, but it is a thrilling and thrilling thriller of ‘Yoo Jeong’, a veil-wrapped senior, and a pervasive, but charming college student.

Cheese in the Yellow Carpet ‘Cheese in the Yellow Carpet at the CGV Yongsan Ip Park Mall on March 7th is a special opportunity to see the movie in advance. It is a great opportunity to see the original webtoon fans as well as the preliminary audience. . 

In particular, the ‘Yellow Carpet’ will be prepared for the image of Cheese instead of Red Carpet. In order to participate in the Cheese in the Yellow Carpet premiere, you must wear a dress code yellow item. 

The audience who visited the premiere to see ‘Cheese in the Trap’ will take a photo from the photo zone prepared in ‘Yellow carpet’ and share it with SNS such as Facebook and Instagram, and present cheese snack of French cheesy snack brand ‘Bell Cube’ . ‘Cheese in the Yellow Carpet’ preview will be available on CGV Mobile and homepage today and will be announced on March 6th. 



Source: Naver

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

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