Sandara Park Reveals Her Most Unforgettable Hairstyles

Can you guess what they are?

Sandara Park Reveals Her Most Unforgettable HairstylesIMAGE Courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Eccentric hairstyles are never out of the question for K-pop stars. Each one of them has that one time they pushed their boundaries to try something otherworldly—it’s part of the job, one might say. And as someone who spent almost 10 years in a K-pop group, Sandara Park knows exactly how this works.

In an interview with Preview, the Korean star and Head & Shoulders ambassador talked all about her hair history and what she’s currently loving for her locks.

For Dara, her most memorable ‘do is one from 2012, when she and her former group 2ne1released the song I Love You. She had one side of her hair shaved for the music video, something she said was a suggestion from then bandmate CL. Reportedly, she even cried while having it done, but looking back, she remembers it fondly.


IMAGE YG Entertainment

“It wasn’t easy to do that hair as a girl,” she tells us, “but I really loved it because it made me look more [feminine] and sexier.” The edgy cut remains one of her signature hairstyles to this day.

That said, we can’t talk about her hair transformations without touching on color. Sandara has probably done it all: purple, pink, blue, and something akin to a silver. But still, she could never forget the time she went full blonde.

Saveallkpop‘Clio’ releases pictures of beautiful endorsement models Dara and Na Eun | allkpop.com641Meg WolfëAsian B L O N D E

“It also wasn’t easy to do blonde hair because after that mawawalan ka ng hair [your hair will fall out]. [There was] so much damage,” says the K-pop star. “That’s why if you try it, you need this shampoo,” she adds, pointing to Head & Shoulders’ display of the new Supreme Moisture Shampoo.


IMAGE Courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, P150 each, leading supermarkets

After the quick throwback, we quizzed her on her current go-to hairstyle. If you follow her on Instagram, you probably already know which one we’re talking about. “When I tie my hair up in a ponytail, I really like putting a bandana or a scarf,” she shares. “I love using the colorful ones with many patterns to make it look more unique.”

Which look do you love the most on Sandara?

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