[TV report = reporter Kim Ji-hyun] ‘There is a broken-in-the-house living room’ Sandarabak’s sleeping Pio nails ‘white king ribbon attaching masterpiece war’ unfolds. 

Sandara Park is said to have carried out such an operation by taking out the instinct to see Pio who slept with a nail shop together, and is wondering whether a white king ribbon like himself can be put on the fio nail. 

On the 11th, MBC Star Real Dongdae Variety ‘With a bad-tempered living room available’ (directed by Choi Yoon-jung), Sandara Park-Pio-Joshi is going to go out to the exciting Yeonnam-dong – Hongdae outing for the second time. 

Sandara Pak who is full of irony in Yeonnam-dong and Hongdae outing. I went to a nail shop with two people and Sandara Park explained “kind of beauty beauty” and kindly explained what kind of care I would receive. On the other hand, Pio, who visited the nail shop for the first time along Sandarabak, received his first nail care career with an awkward laugh. 

Pio fell asleep in the hands of a nail artist who touched his own hands, and Sandara Bak watched him and played a playful role in the fierce fingernail with a white king ribbon. Sandarabak himself wonders if he could have attached the same coupling system to his fingernails while wearing a “white king ribbon.” 

In the meantime, Jo Se-ho, who went to a nail shop with Sandara Park-Pio, challenged foot care for the first time. Joe asked him to care only for his left foot, saying that his right foot is dangerous, and he wonders what the story is on his right foot. 

In addition, the result of the last broadcast will be released after the results of Sandara Park-Pio’s tarot, It is reported that Sandara Park and Pio are very ashamed after hearing the results, and they are raising the expectation of the result to their compatibility with the results of the couples. 

The results of Sandara Park’s playful Couple Temi and Sandara Park-Pyo’s taro can be found on the 11th, “Bad Raw Living Room”. 



Source: Naver

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