Here’s good new for YG fans. YG’s three female artists, Sandara Park, Akdong Musician’s Lee Soohyun and Lee Hi will appear together in a new TV show.

According to the officials, the three will appear in OnStyle’s new TV show “Relationship Appeal”, while they will communicate with viewers in real time on the program. The program is about hot places and it items.

As all of the female stars belong to YG Entertainment and they’re very close with each other, it is expected that they will create a synergy by appearing together in the show.

OnStlye aims to broadcast the program in July, but nothing is confirmed.


Source: Kpopbehind

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Comments on: "News: Sandara Park, AKMU’s Lee Soohyun and Lee Hi to appear together in a new TV show" (1)

  1. Earnest said:

    Dara should be working on mainstream TV program not on cable. Mainstream media has a broader reach. It’s the only way to get more people to know her. If Minzy’s agency can do it, why can’t YGE?

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