Dara is back in Philippines to promote her first ever Korean Movie “One Step”.  First on the list of her so busy schedule is the Grand Press conference held last  May 6, 2017 in Sapphire function room at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Not only Bloggers and Media were invited to this press con, Dara’s fansites admins are invited too by Viva (Thank You Viva for inviting WeLoveDara, hope next time OD will be invited too..^.^)

Below is the transcribed of the Q and A, Enjoy.



Translation of Dara’s Answers:

Dara mentioned that she won’t stop dreaming because her biggest dream until now is to be on stage and sing! ❤️

Dara mentioned that after shooting Cheese in the Trap she might go back to the studio and look for songs that will fit her voice! ❤️

Dara: “I will never stop dreaming!”

press: do u have a bf?

Dara : none ATM bcoz im so busy @ work, my cats are enough, and paparazzi is everywhere im not comfortable.

she said it’s not the same as before, when she’s on her 20’s, where she’s so giddy about luvlyf. ryt now she’s focused at work

Dara: It took us 2-3 months to prepare for the movie (One Step) and because of that it only took us 1 month to shoot the movie.

Dara: If it weren’t for the fans, I would not be where I am now.

Dara: They said in Korea its harder to enter the movie world than drama. I’m very happy and maybe its my destiny to be a movie star *laughs*

Dara: Right now, I really just want to concentrate on singing and acting in Korea. But I really do want to do a duet with Sarah Geronimo.

Dara: Actually, I really want to do a movie in the Philippines but the only problem is my schedule.

Dara: There are so many actors I want to work with in Korea right now. I want them to be my partner… ONE BY ONE. *laughs*

Dara: In the Philippines, I want to do a romantic comedy with John Lloyd Cruz. He’s so different. His eyes are so expressive.

Dara: Until now, I am still close with my friends from SCQ. We have a groupchat. Until now, Joross is still my bestfriend.

Dara: Maybe I can stay in the Philippines for 6 months. I can’t stay here forever because I have cats who are waiting for me in Korea. ^_^

Dara: I really want to go to the block screenings but I have to go back to Korea. From the airport I’m going straight to shooting.

Dara: My schedule right now is very hectic. Me and my managers barely have enough sleep. That’s why I haven’t recorded anything yet.

Dara: Me and my managers barely had sleep for maybe 1 week already and some of them are getting sick already.

Dara: Maybe after the shooting I will go back to the studio and meet with the producers to look for songs that will fit me…

Dara: No one is courting me right now but I have a lot of friends who are guys.

Dara’s Ideal Guy: We must have the same interests like in music, cats, fashion so that we have something to talk about.

Dara’s Ideal Guy: I like guys who are slim and cute. I don’t like muscular guys because I am very petite.

Dara: I don’t have a boyfriend right now. Before when I was younger, I was always giddy to have a boyfriend. Now, I’m becoming lazy. ^_^

Dara: Now, I’m very happy working.

Dara: They said if you have a lot of cats, it will be hard to get a BF. True. I don’t want to go out of the house because they are so cute.

Dara: And right now, there’s a lot of paparazzi’s in Korea. That’s why I don’t like it.

Dara: Since last year there have been talks about me doing a movie in the Philippines. There’s already a script suggested leading men.

Dara: But I don’t know what’s happening now. But I will still do it. Its been moved because of my schedule.

Dara: Me and Robi are just good friends. That’s it. That’s why I don’t like hearing about that issue because it might ruin our friendship.

Press: How do you maintain your youthful skin? Dara: Honestly, now, its getting harder. I have a mask pack every night.

Dara: I don’t know the secret but you should always think positive and smile a lot. Because you’ll become ugly if you’re stressed.

Dara: So now, even if I am stressed, I always say “It’s ok! It’s ok!” (laughing). “It’s ok if I don’t have sleep as long as I’m happy.”

Dara: Even though I haven’t slept well for a week, I’m happy to be here and be with you guys. And for me, that’s ok.

Dara: I’ve always wanted to have an album produced here in the Philippines for a long time. It’s just hard because I’m not here.


Source: VIVA internationals Pictures

Translated By: OhDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara

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