‘One-step’ official OST release … Kim Byeong-gyeong ‘Walk Your Memory’ on 6th.


Official OST in the movie ‘One Step’ (director Jeon Jae Hong) will be officially released.

‘One-Step’ will release the movie OST on the 6th, 10th and 18th on the day of its release, and will warm the hearts of the audience on a warm spring day.

‘One-step’ is a music movie that shares feelings and communicates through music, such as ‘One’s’ and ‘Big’s Again’, which were greatly loved by Korean audiences.

“One Step” OST, which will be unveiled for the first time on June 6, “Walking Memories” seems to be catching, but it is a metaphorical expression of “remembering” Kim Bok-gyung, who is loved by the masses, participates in numerous OSTs such as ‘Secrets’, ‘The Queen of Reverse’, and ‘City Hunter’.

Kim Bok-gyeong’s distinctive appeal and strong voice will enhance the immersion of the drama and give the audience a deep reverence.

As the first runner, Kim Bok-kyung’s ‘Walking the Memories’ started, on the 10th, Sandara Park’s ‘One Step’, and finally on the 18th, a total of 23 movie OSTs were released. It seems to be.

Especially, ‘One Step’ OST includes MBC ‘White Tower’ (2007), ‘Seondeok Wang’ (2009), SBS ‘Sign’ (2011)As soon as Kim Su-jin, the music director who showed off his outstanding talent in the works like ‘Kwon Ryong’s Narsa’ (2015), participated, he can confirm various music that further raise the atmosphere of the movie.

‘One-Step’ will be unveiled on April 6 and will meet with the national audience.


Source: Naver

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