Actress Sandara Park at Busan National University! ❤

Press pics of “One Step” protagonists Sandara Park and Cho Dong-in for the movie’s special campus attack event!

Photo thread for “One Step” campus attack! ^^ They gave coffee to students!press pics of “cute” Sandara Park in denim at “One Step” guerilla campus attack event in Busan ^^ Look at her passing coffee! Dara not only gave away coffee but also handshakes for those who asked for it.. ^^


Dara and Cho Dong-in giving coffee to the Busan National University students and cutie Sandara making a cute pose.. ^^

More press pics of beautiful Sandara! She greeted the audience, gave coffee and handshakes, and promoted the movie at the event 😍


More fantaken pics of Dara at Busan Nationa University! Cr: yeondo_98, vip_waiting_for_top, chunyang_ioi, choi._.jae


fantaken pics of goddess Dara at Busan National University “campus attack” guerilla event! Cr: zziiiiiiiiiiry, kingsj777

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