[PHOTO] Press photo thread! Dara for “One Step” press conference and preview at Lotte Cinema!

Sandara Park, “Happy to work in a musical movie

Dara: “I readily agreed to the movie when I saw it was a musical, without putting much worry into it…But when I delved into the script, I found it hard to get into the character who suffered from synesthesia, so I worried

Dara: “ I thought it would be easy, as I was dealing with music, but I ended up working twice as hard

“Sandara Park, transformed into a spring maiden who shines at the cinema”

“Sandara Park, beautiful spring goddess who greets everyone as an actress”

Dara: “I know that I still lack in so many things, but I hope you will continue to support me.”

Dara: “ In the future, I hope to show more sides of myself as a singer and also as an actress as well

Dara: “I’m nervous because it’s my first movie as the lead actress. But I’m more excited than scared.”

More of “lovely, white angel” Sandara Park at “One Step” press conference and preview!

Director Jeon Jae Hong praised Sandara Park! He said, “Working with Sandara Park was a lot of fun! I think she’s a great actress.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Sandara Park memorized her lines perfectly. I was surprised that she didn’t make an NG during the shoot!”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Sandara Park is the best rookie actor I’ve worked with.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “Because we always work with the camera from a full shot to a close-up it’s difficult for rookie actors to catch up. But she did it well.”

Director Jeon Jae Hong: “I personally want to see Sandara Park pursue acting more. I think she would do well.”

Actor Han Jae-Suk: “Sandara Park was very kind and considerate. She made our fellow actors feel comfortable.”

Sandara Park: “I always went to the studio to practice singing the songs (for One Step). It was a different genre, so it was hard.”

Sandara Park: “I did a lot of vocal recording. It seemed like the genre and style of “ONE STEP” songs matched well with me a lot

Sandara Park: “The sound was cleaner and clearer, so it was able to take advantage of my voice’s strong points. I practiced a lot.

DARA: “I gave up guitar in favor of practicing how to play drums. However, I hurriedly practiced guitar again because of a scene“.


Source: Media outlets

Translated By: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded: OhDara


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