*hop* *hop*🐰

so cute! yeonjun loves bunny and dara the bunny meets him~~


Pretty noonas came so very excited Yeonjunie

Unnie so cute, giving him full attention!



This is me girl crushing haha! 😅 After the mass, may blessing agad! Look who I saw upclose! My ultimate girl bias who is soooo pretty like an angel 😇😇😇 She had dinner with TOP’s nephew and sister. It’s such a waste taking selfie with her is not allowed. Thanks for this pic! 😘

They had dinner, on dara’s favorite food chain gerry’s grill.



The noonas are in my eyes 😎

Look at his glasses reflection, LMAO dara being cute~



Why are you standing there🙊🙊🙊 acting like noona’s guardian/protector ..pulling noona away as soon as the pictures were finally taken 😲

Yeonjun is dara’s protection squad!




go go go 😎😎



Let’s go 🚙 Yeonjunnie’s most favorite thing in the whole world is this cart right here… 🤣

Dara is in the front, she is DARAiver!



Sources:  choi_hyeyoun & leitbloomer

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded: OhDara


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