C06p37JUQAAivxa (1).jpg

With a puppy which is bigger than me ^_^ 🐶👋 Now I’m not afraid anymore~!!!👍

GOOD JOB dara!! I’m So proud of You conquering your fears!!


Source: krungy21

Translated by: WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Courageous Dara Shows off that She is Not Afraid of Large Dogs Anymore" (2)

  1. Sophia Erica said:

    *tried to find out… Should I say “autocorrect”? Lol

  2. Sophia Erica said:

    Nothing to fret about the big dog as far as I try to find out. He seems honest and kind. But then only you can truly tell. Boy! Wasn’t I so wrong about the previous? Anyway, is the big dog officially the real carrot to your bunny now? Be careful about the wanna be carrot though. People with narcissistic personalities don’t take rejection well. How long has it been? 6? 7 years? He’s still perpetuating the lies. Stand your ground. Cheating is non negotiable. It’s surreal to think that your present carrot and you were both previously cheated on but now found each other. Maybe it’s fate. Choose to be happy always!

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