Sandara Park, “K-Beauty” Icon… Headed to Hong Kong on the 28th as Cosmetics Model


Sandara Park will carry out her role as a “K-Beauty” icon as she will visit Hong Kong on the 28th as a cosmetics model.

YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary company, YG PLUS‘s cosmetic brand “moonshot” will have its Asia market expansion starting in April, and will be available in the leading cosmetics shop for the Asian cosmetics industry, SaSa. Moonshot’s “muse” Sandara Park, will be making a visit to Hong Kong to celebrate moonshot’s advancement in the market.


Sandara Park will be having an intimate time with local consumers in Hong Kong through a fan meeting and ‘question and answer’ event.

At the start of the year, moonshot became a hot topic when it was revealed that the brand has selected G-Dragon and Sandara Park as their new exclusive models, showing their global influence. Since then, the brand’s 2 new kinds of cushion adopted the names ‘GD cushion’ and ‘Dara cushion’ which launched the collaboration between them; it became a hot topic in the beauty industry when the first released quantity of the products got sold out three days after their release.


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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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