OMG! Yay official pic of Angels before their group disbanded! XD This is for the drama “One More Happy Ending” where Dara will have a cameo.. ^^So so so cute! I really love how Dara is in this, and how she must be so excited to work with Seo Inyoung and her good friend, Yoo In Na and the other cast as well! ❤ Fighting Dara! We hope this is your first step to having a TV drama! ❤




Source: drama_mbc Naver Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official/Photos: Official Picture of Defunct Girlgroup “Angels” for “One More Happy Ending” Featuring Dara, Revealed!" (3)

  1. Why, I felt that Dara is slowly fading from being 2ne1 members. What ever the reasons.. from Philippines to South Korea to every where I’m still your fan Sandara Park. I will continue loving you.

  2. there’s an arrow from jang nara to dara..and from dara to jang nara…i wonder what it says…

  3. alohadara said:

    Your right, cute angels and loving your new background!

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