OMG YAAAYYY! I expect BTS pics from this shoot as well! ❤ Fighting, fighting actress Dara! You and Bae Jung Nam look good! Strangely enough, why do I get a “siblings” vibe from you guys and not a “lovers” vibe? O_O

However, I really love this photoshoot! It’s so nice and warm, it gives off a comfortable feeling! ❤ I really like the picture where Dara shaved Jung Nam! Which one is your fave couple picture? ^^


Comments on: "Photos/Official: Bae Jung Nam Joins Sandara Park for Warm and Enchanting Maison de Jasmine, Part 2 Photoshoot" (2)

  1. My favorite would be do one when Bae Jung Nam is reading a book and Dara is beside him. It’s very lovely and beautiful. However, it looks like he was telling a story to his daughter. Dara looks so gorgeous and young. Btw, how to win Dara’s Polaroids? Did you gave it away already? >.<

  2. I told you so… you need an eye check up, you must be jelous that guy looks good and manly and he
    look good together with dara.

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