So, earlier today, this beautiful piece of photography came floating around on Twitter.. ❤


And some speculated it might be for a new endorsement, others were saying that it’s from Blackjack Nolza polaroids.. XD So I did NOT want to get my hopes up just to be disappointed in the end, but I so so so wanted it to be a new endorsement.. T_T Then people pointed out to us that Philippine clothing brand, PENSHOPPE, would be announcing their newest brand endorser today and they said it might be Dara!!! 



Supermodels and superstars. Welcome to , !

Dara joins the likes of Mario Maurer, Carla Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and Sean O’Pry as PENSHOPPE endorser! ^^





Follow PENSHOPPE on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, and support  , specially  ~! ^^



Re-uploaded by: OhDara



Comments on: "Photos: Clothing Brand PENSHOPPE Welcomes Their Newest “Supermodel and Superstar” Endorser~ Sandara Park Joins #TeamPenshoppe" (5)

  1. Ugh. No, actually when it’s her MA that makes her up, it looks tacky. Repetitive and boring with her dull small flick eyeliner thing. Too damn boring, even a child can do that shit. The photo shoots where she was made up perfectly was only when her stylist and MA wasn’t at all involved, live that vogue girl and now this one. The recent Korean photo shoot was just as boring , the cam focus the angling. So plain, and the make up, ugh. That photo shoot with two models , the heck that was the most horrible smokey eyes I’ve ever seen, like done by a 3rd grader. Well that Elle was good but that 1st look has good makeup but the cameraman failed to bring art into an should’ve been dainty lil shoot. Incompetent is the word.

  2. @Truther thanks but i’m not for replacing her team. if i’m not mistaken, dara did the photoshoot during her last visit in the philippines. and her makeup artist was supposed to have gone too. of corz penshoppe cud have their own MA. anyway, i only got frustrated with SOME of her recent pictorials. and it wasnt just bcoz of her makeup/style. i was sort of griping about some of her expressions or poses too just like in her latest cosmopolitan feature. i luv her look in that pic with the violet background but–others were tagging it as 50 shades or something. yeah, sexy but it was like she was forced into–sorry for this–bdsm. get what i mean? as for those smoky eyes for penshoppe, it reminds me of wbu cast elle(?) feature. luv her look there and she was killing most of the poses (faves: her bent leg pose w/ ksy; the one w/ kiyong; group & solo shots of the 4 them with the table & chairs–even that part of the video was exciting coz she looked so naturally haughty/sophisticated//snobbish). their 2nd feature in 1st look though was just a big disappointment for me.

  3. THOSE EYES,THOSE EYES! Smokey and sexy, that’s the way to kill those haters.

  4. Philippines make up artists in penshope is so much better in bringing in Dara’s features. She has showcased it well by accentuating her features and not make out what she doesn’t have. Her make up artist should learn form the penshoppe team, her stylist too. I agree bc, the Korean photo shoot were far too boring, it looks like they limit her by giving her close ups than full shots that ended up looking basic. This is the kind of photo shoots she deserves. A goddess! If i were Dara, she better drop her incompetent crew. They just limit her growth, look at those smokey eyes and those fierce poses. That’s what I’m talking about, A CLASS.

  5. these. THESE are the makeup and expressions i’ve been searching for, especially that pic of her in the brown top. not these specific expressions but the way she gazed at the cam is just mesmerizing. far far better, so much better than some of her recent photoshoots with korean mags. guess the photographer knew how to elicit those moves and gazes from her. congrats penshoppe! and dee’s in good company too: sean, kendall…

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