This episode is so so so awesome and sweet and cute but my Woori-Won Young heart is crying OTL T_T Hyun Woo and Woori spending time together and Woori totally pawning him with her drums skills.. XD And that kiss! Gah! /dies Poor Won Youngie though, drowning in his memories with Woori.. T_T My heart.. My poor Won Youngie.. T_T

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP7 “A Half Share of Memories”

Credits: YGEntertainment

We’ve decided on focusing on the YGEntertainment YouTube channel to up the views, so please watch there primarily.. However, we do understand that we also need to watch through InSite and YGKPlus.. As of now, YGKplus has NOT yet uploaded the episodes on their YouTube channels, but InSite has them already..

So please do watch through YGEntertainment YouTube channel first, watch it again for a few dozen times (kekeke) then watch in InSite and YGKplus channels.. We know that international fans cannot view the videos on Naver TVCast, but you CAN give “hearts” on the videos themselves. Look up the We Broke Up page, log-in to your Naver account with your ID, then give hearts please.. Also, we need to catch up with the views from Naver TVCast, let us international fans show our love and support! ❤ Thank you! FIGHTING!





Comments on: "Official/Video: Woori Gets Closer with Hyun Woo, Won Young Reminisces Woo-Won Moments ~ Thrilling and Totally Sweet “We Broke Up” Episode 7" (13)

  1. Wonyoung-ah!!! You still love Woori! Why not get back together? My heart breaks seriously…huhuhu…And dara! Wow! She can really play the drums well. First, guitar now drums? What’s next? Paino maybe?

    Wathcing this episode affected me so much. Seriously. I became teary eyed and I felt their pain. Please…longer episode next time.

    Thank you!

  2. Anneli Gianan said:

    @ BC I also saw the vids of JANG KI YONG’S diary (1-6), and that was my reaction too. YES, I think he can sing too so that meas they can all perform live if the busking challenge will happen.
    Guys, what can we do to increase the views?

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Drummer Dara is so badass \m/

  4. Song Moon Fyre said:

    I really hope that even if we have already reached the total of 5M views collated from all Naver and YT platforms, international fans still continue to remain vigilant. Our total YT views has not yet reached half (or 2.5M) of what could be our contribution to the total. We still have 3 episodes and a week left, let’s try to share half the task and stay motivated.

  5. i told u so said:

    Dawson’s creek 2.0??Be a man!! #TeamMoveOn.

  6. has anyone seen kiyong’s diary vids at insite tv? in 1 episode, he did some sort of a mini-concert at a cafe i guess. YESSS, he SINGS! is he good at it? i’m not really sure… coz i just couldn’t reconcile his voice to the genre he did then. it might grow on me if i kept on listening. maybe. sooo…why am i bringing this up? coz he’s probably gonna sing too if the busking event pushes through.

  7. This episode, shows that they are still love each other.
    So cute, KAWAII DARA!

  8. Xkismet said:

    Love this episodes! The parts I kept replying were:
    – when Dara displayed annoyance at WY’s bandmates and made the action as if to bite them. Adorable! She also looked like a 16 year old girl while standing in his bedroom yelling.
    – when she was creeping up on HW on reflexively posed for the camera.
    – the adorableee Woori and HW scenes while on their date.
    – Dara on the drums! I too laughed when she started playing like a pro and um cried moments later. Great emotional charged scene that gives you a sense of Woori and WY’s relationship.

    I entirely ignored the whole knetizens on naver drama cause let’s me real knetizens are bat shit cray and should be ignored. But there’s just one thing I want to say. The comments about Dara having too much “helium” in her voice are ridiculous and are obviously nitpicking on flaws. It’s like saying julia Roberts is a poor actress because her mouth is too big. -_-

  9. #TeamHyunwoo said:

    #TeamHyunwoo #TeamHyunWoori #TeamWooWoo #Team2Woo #TeamMoveOn #TeamLllllll Fighting!!!

  10. alohadara said:

    I’m smiling and laughing when she first plays the drums for Hyun Woo.Then within seconds she pours out her feelings on the drums … feelings of frustration,anguish, pain, regret,confusion, loss of Won youngs love for her, soo sad I cried. And Wooyoungs tearing as he watches a video/pictures of them together. So real so believable their love for one another I forgot they were acting. me too anneli Still KANGDARA for me!

  11. awkward610 said:

    I keep rewind the part where Dara sing. Really like the tune. Hope YG release all the OST. The songs in this web drama is quite catchy. From the song and drama itself its not dissapointing. Maybe YG will release a mini album for all the songs in this web drama. I hope they got enough song for it and ofc its gonna generate new buzz for this drama. It deserve more view.

  12. Guys, can we make a petition to Papa YG to release the full OST? I’M dying to have a copy of this and to watch/hear it LIVE.

  13. OMG… My favorite episode!!!!
    Gosh, I am so proud of Dara… she really did an excellent acting in this web drama as well as the others especially the 4 leads. Still KANGDARA for me!

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