OMG this episode nearly killed me.. XDDD It’s really so so so good, the drama is so much fun! ❤ Dara did so well, her acting has definitely become better and I love all of her scenes! I commend her for her acting chops, for working so hard to improve and now seeing the fruits of her labor! ❤ And woohoo, more Woori-Hyunwoo! Dara has crazzyyyy chemistry with everyone, so I’m happy to see Hyunwoo’s character being exposed more! ❤

Episode 3: Is it coincidence or destiny?

Credits: YGEntertainment


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Comments on: "Video: 150701 Totally Fun and Giddy “We Broke Up” Episode 3 Released ~ “Is It Coincidence or Destiny?”" (11)

  1. YAAAAYYYY~~~~

    Oh my gosh!!! Can’t this day get any better? They just kissed!!! K.I.S.S.E.D! I have to be honest, I kept replaying it like five times before my co-worker passed by and saw my goofy smile. ^///^

    Somehow, people thought breaking up is easy as 1,2,3 but seeing this drama makes you wonder how difficult it is when you still have feelings.

    Dara unnie! Fighting!

    Thank you for this episode!

  2. Omigad. I was doubtful of Dara’s acting when I saw the teasers but dayum, the whole episode is just too good. I love everything from the actors to the editing team, the drama is soooo worth watching. And Singer Dara, I love love you!! KangDara is a epic team and have you guys heard her voice on the Behind the secenes? That last note got me … Is she still getting voice lessons? My god, Dara Park is my life goal. 🙂

  3. AtrueFan said:

    Hi, I really really laughed out loud in this series, but when the issue about promoting what I can do is to share only like twitter and FB. Spread the love and keep supporting. Dara….. fighting

  4. awkward610 said:

    Yeah…this web drama is great and i want it to be a success. Its such a waste after all that YG spent for this drama to not promote it cause this is good…really good. Even the OST quite catchy and should be release officially. God…i want to scream. Where is YG famous media play. Please let this drama be viral…LOL and i obviously catching that second lead syndrom. Why is that 2nd guy is so cute. I want him with dara too???!!!!

  5. Congrats to Dara and Seungyoon, loving thils web drama ♡♡♡ oh my is that Choi Ji Woo in the studio?

  6. ygbiasedassed said:

    Actually we should be so concerned about the promotions thing asthese are the factors that are vital in every Drama . May it be web or a tv one, because no matter how oscar awardee type of acting you have . Promotions is what makes it be known, let people and a bigger crowd know and be informed that yes, there is this kind of drama going on, so its not best to shrug it off since it will be a major key of the success of this ebdrama aside from their acting. I mean come on, look at Exo next door, the lead female and side characters are literally the only ones who carried the drama itself cause exo’s acting isnt even close to good. But it was successful because aside from fangirls, it was promoted well by SM. I mean come one, this is a aquality rom-com and for it to be put to waste is such a waste. Cause they are so good in it even great.

  7. 10 episodes (let alone each being 15 minutes long) is just not enough!!!!! I’m just craving for more scenes T.T

  8. alohadara said:

    ygbiassedassed, its because he’s too busy promoting BigBang. nah I dont know, just trying to make trouble. You are absolutely right! The concerns you shared are valid and important. I was so busy enjoying this drama that I never thought about those things. Life is unfair, YG has his favorites . Despite that, I will not let those thoughts ruin this great time for Dara and Seunyoon.

    I’m gonna ramble. I wonder how many times they had to kiss to get it right? The 3 goofy actors, the band guy, her girlfriend and the cashier are so hilarious. Do you think she really spit the rice on that guy or did someone throw rice at him? The guy in their house thats kinda in charge and loves to cook… what did his sign say that he was holding up outside while they were eating? The little snippet she was remembering when seungyoon spoke with her across the table was so touching. His voice and acting I could feel his love and concern for her as her boyfriend…the kiss was icing. Great acting you two. I dont like the other lady but I like the 2nd lead guy. Dara your anger, your worry, your crazy antics within seconds you change from hearing a womens voice on your boyfriends phone and then a call comes in for a job is a joy to watch!

  9. ygbiasedassed said:

    Everyones been busy being happy on Dara & Seungyoons daebak acting on this drama. And i am honestly too, but at the back of my head i cant stop myself but question, why does YG doesnt even promote this drama? If you have observed you cant even find it in ygentertainment youtube page unless you type the title & its episode, when it should be one of the ones being promoted video esp. since its recent. I mean yes fans know the title but what about the non fans? YG could gain a lot of possible fans if it was easier to find & is promoted. Hell , even midnight girl had a presscon but this didnt. Theres not even an advertisement or a banner to promote this! Like WTF YG? People had been waiting for Dara to act & so far she’s been great, but how will people even know her skills if half of them dont even know she has awebrama with seungyoon going on. Even EXO next door is everywhere in promotions even when their acting sucks big time at that webdrama, tho im a fan. I dont know but to me it feels like YG dont even give a fuck about her at all. And that’s sad as she has so much potential on being great. Thats what you get when your not PAPA’s fave.

  10. I so love this rom-com!!

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