Dr. Ian Sandara Park video interview


 Interviewer: Sodam, Please introduce who you are in this drama and what is your character.

Dara: Annyeonghaseyo!!! I’m rookie actress Sandara Park and I will act as Lee So Dam here. Nice to meet you!

 Interviewer: How did you feel being tokki? You came out a lot of times wearing tokki right? (rabbit mascot costume)

Dara: I came to know it when we had our first script reading and I liked the idea of it because its cute, being a rabbit.Its so large that it doesn’t quite fit me well and its not easy wearing it. They really worked hard assisting me. Its really bulky but it looks cute. Even it was difficult to do I had fun.

 Interviewer: Sodam Now that the filming is finished please say something about it and say a farewell greeting with fighting.

 Dara: I know that filming this is not easy and now that we finished it I would like to thank director, actors and staffs who really worked hard for this. Fighting!

 Interviewer: Sodam Say it one more time, “Dr.Ian Fighting!”

Dara: Dr. Ian Fighting!!!


Source: Naver TV Cast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Trans: 21GYDTS @WeloveDara

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