Our girls are going to Macau for the last AON stop.. ^_^ I do hope this will be their last ASIA stop, but they’ll have more concerts in the future.. ^^ Anyways, here we have Minzy, Dara, and CL with dark brown hair! Bom’s hair is still orange-blonde.. ^^ Their airport fashion though! ❤




Sources: @sungp00 + @jjy82_stop
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 141017 Fantaken Pics of Chic, Fashionable 2NE1 at the Airport Headed to Macau" (3)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    Their aura is chic… but gloomy. I do hope this is just their last stop in ASIA. Brazil won the poll so they should hold a concert there too. They can have another sold-out concert in LA. Europe can also be a good market especially in Germany because based on polls they are popular there.

    I just want to get rid of negative thoughts but it keeps on nagging me. I’m trying to enjoy this time we have 2NE1 as a whole. Oh please please let them be together for many more years. I’m not ready to let them go. No 2NE1, No KPop for me. 😦

  2. It feels weird seeing them together. Sincerely wishing this ain’t the last 2ne1 concert. Why are they wearing glasses? Makes me think negative thoughts. Damn. 2014 is the worst Kpop year…ever. Goodluck Blackjacks!!

  3. Hope this means they are o.k.

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