Winner had their debut stage, and of course, supportive Dara totally showed that she’s 100% behind their back.. ^_^ Fighting Winner! Fighting also Dara-sunbae!

QT Dara with QT Jinwoo, the formation of YG’s Cutie Line!!! Right now he’s showing his cute looks, but in the future, I’m sure that he’ll be showing the other sides of himself to the world! I’m expecting the future, fighting ^_^ Today is ~ Winner Day!!! #winner #KimJinwoo


Swag, swag  ~ Doom Dada Fam! With cool dongsaeng, Mino ~ His voice on stage is awesome, and his charismatic voice when he raps is really no jokel; but off-stage, he’s a totally cute dongsaeng~! Today, I’m excited for their debut stage as well ^_^ #winner #SongMino


You did well, you did well, you did well!!!  You did really great at your debut stage today~ Congratulations!!! #Winner #Empty #ColorRing


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Charming Dara Posts Cute Selcas with Jinwoo, Mino, and a Group Photo with Winner ~ “Congratulations on your Debut Stage!”" (3)

  1. kurobuchi said:

    Just Dara doing her noona/sunbae duties. XD

  2. AlohaDara said:

    WINNER ‘s talent is great. But with the power of Dara’s endorsement, they will see how much she and her fans will make a difference!

  3. Sandara W. Stark said:

    Wow! So many likes on the Insta account in just a short time! Not only Dara-noona is supportive of WINNER but Daraling-noonas too! Haha Now we’ll wait for Tae Hyun, Seung Yoon, and Seung Hoon’s selcas!

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