Weee! And here’s CRUSH PV! ❤ Sorry we weren’t able to share the video yesterday, we were asked by the original uploader not to share the video, but we could make caps, thus the caps are there. XD Anyways, the MV is different from what 2NE1 has tried out before.. Like I said, Dara looks like a beautiful Egyptian goddess with the black wig and full bangs, matched with the cat eyes. She looked fiercely cute in her “rebel student” outfit in the punk-ghetto classroom setting, kekeke! ❤ CL looked stunning in her Aubrey Hepburn-Satine inspired outfits and get-up! ❤ Minzy killeddddd with the pole, she looked so grown-up /tears And Bommie looked like an elegant princess with her hairstyle.. ❤ And applause to whoever thought of the elevator scene, I bet it’s a nod to their very first “Fire” stage in Inkigayo! ❤


Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1’s “CRUSH” PV, Japanese Version Finally Revealed ~ 2NE1 Goes Classic Fierce!" (67)

  1. YG has the power to promote his artists the way they want. Fans have the power to switch their fandom and take their money and viewing power with them.

  2. This info iis worth everyone’s attention. How can I fiknd oout more?

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    I just wanna say… Dara stans are very opinionated LOL

  4. kurobuchi said:

    I really hope that Dara is working on something right now and there’ll be an announcement soon. Seriously, she’s the only member who doesn’t have activities outside the group (that we know of). I’m also pissed at how 2NE1’s being promoted, it’s obviously too CL-centric even though I like her too. With that said I’m still very much a Blackjack and I’m still looking forward to what will happen in the future. I really hope that 2NE1 will release a repackaged album SOON with solos from ALL the members. I know that that would smoothen ruffled feathers. And frankly, I think Dara has the biggest chance of sustaining a solo career outside of 2NE1. That is not to say that the other girls won’t succeed in solo endeavors, I believe in all of them! I actually have more to say but I’m ending it here. Have a nice day everyone! :*

  5. phenomenal star said:

    To Peebee and Boopie, JJAANG!!!!!!!

  6. I have visited oh-Dara since 2010 and I’m glad there is such a place where we can voice our opinions. I think this is way more civilize then arguing on utube or twitter. Even though I may not agree with all the comments I read but I still enjoy reading them. So I just want to thank the staffs at oh Dara for not deleting our comments.

    • wow you and i come a long way. Me too 2010 til now. We can’t retire are we? We are married to sandara. But oh’ i wish its literal 🙂

  7. im so disappointed in your comments guys.. 2ne1 is 2ne1.. No matter what happen.. Do you know how important dara is in yg family? You keeps in ranting and ranting and ranting bout those “unfair” treatment.. Do you know how dara loves her yg fam? Do you know how cl loves dara? Do you know papa yg favors dara? They even held their 5th anniversay aon con in dara’s 2nd home.. Arg! I decided to not visit this page because of those negative comments..

  8. Peebee, i totally agree with what you said. What kills me is that Dara is held back , on purpose , because of this member. No new cfs for her when from a marketing standpoint SHE SELLS. No drama for her with the lamest excuses about her voice not being right, hello? Dara has shown that she can improve when she truly wants it (I remember that acting coach/pd who said she was his most hardworking student) and besides idols including ppl in YG w/ far far less talent than her are doing dramas so WTF??

    Why does she have to make the sacrifice? why Bom? When it was their turn to shine in the past they weren’t holding back the other members,nobody was being denied things on purpose so the other could shine. It was all due to hardwork, charisma , luck and that little thing called x factor. I don’t think im being mean but truth is not palatable sometimes.I also do not blame this member , this is YGs fault mostly. I think YG needs to invest more on focus groups and branding. Id make him do a re-branding exercise to get back to the vision , essense of 2ne1 as a whole cohesive group. argh

  9. Lance Sevilla said:

    @enjii… yes fans are like that.. you will see that kind of attitude everywhere.. Because fans have opinions, sometimes emotional, and OA… Because that’s reality we always seem so affected about them.. We always monitor what their doing 24/7… So its natural to be like that.

  10. Lance Sevilla said:

    @enjii…. If only have contacts with Dara, definitely I’ll tell her…. As you said her career is freeze right now.. so she can’t do anything about that… I hope that soon she will realize that money can’t buy anything.. yes you are well paid but the question is, are you contented or are you happy… As we all know, Dara is a born artist.. She will be happy to show her talent… I hope soon she will realize that and make a decision.

    • There’s something wrong when we think Dara is satisfied now in her career because she gets paid well by this big company. all we know is she had dreamt to be a star with lots of fans. She stays humble despite the fact she already is. Popularity and money didn’t get into her character. She also expresses many times her desire to do drama. She also tried learning how to play the guitar and showcase that skill lately. So we can only deduce that she is not contented in just modelling or being a vocalist of a band. She wants to do more not inspite of financial benefits but experience and happiness she can give to her fans.

  11. Maybe the time that Dara acts is when 2NE1 gets disband. I wonder how long 2NE1 had got before the happens? Dara haven’t really had a chance to showcase her voice for the past 5 years so I’m not sure whether she will remain as a singer..

  12. I presume YG is grooming her princess CL to be like Hyo Ri of their agency. I remember he once mentioned it to HR that she has a talent as good as her. Since it’s quite obvious that CL has more solo songs, more videos highlighting her, more collab with fellow YG artists she is going abroad without the other girls like in US watching fashion shows and what not and etc… then i am not expecting anything more for Dara for YG to do anything big for her. Since Dara is well paid i guess and perhaps thinks everything she have now is enough, then so be it. But still, one day hopefully, Dara will realize her worth as an artist and demand something rightful for her. I know one day she will do acting and i can’t wait to give my support 100%!

  13. phenomenal star said:

    Maybe one of the reasons that Dara is still with YG is because he provides financial stability. She is the main breadwinner of her family so that is a priority. Even if she is not given exposure, if we base her monetary compensation in terms of the cost of the clothes, bags and shoes she wears, we can assume she is paid well. To not renew her contract is to take a financial risk that she is not ready for? As a fan, I want her to leave YG and film a movie or a drama before she finally gets happily married. I am not a 2NE1 fan and with the way things are going, won’t ever be.

  14. Lance Sevilla said:

    @enjii.. Well we are just voicing out our feelings.. Yes maybe we are complaining, nagging etc. but the main motive of these comments is to relieve and voicing our side…. we are just human….

    • Seen that attitude many times before. It’s getting old. It’s either we accept the situation or tell dara to go on her away. We can’t whine forever like this

  15. C’mon people the fact that you keep complaining about YG means that you still have hope that they will notice your grievances. They won’t… Ever! Instead of complaining that he shouldn’t done this or done that why not call for dara not to renew her contract and move to drama or something else. STOP NAGGING THE DAMN COMPANY AS IF THEY WILL LISTEN. Business entity couldn’t care less on what you want

    • I think YG does an okay job for his actors/actresses though…Yoo Inna has pretty good roles in dramas.

      Plus Dara gets paid pretty well (judging her outfits). So unless she joins SM I don’t think it’s wise for her to leave YG even though she is not getting enough exposure atm.

      • Thats very practical for dara to have that mindset. But if we assume that YG is preventing her to do what she wants then she have all the freedom to move on or change careers

        • *Need some editing option here* of course dara is under contract and YG is not exactly preventing her. She is not free to do things that would violate her obligation. What I mean is if we assume that YG is not allowing her to have more exposure in 2ne1 and many feels its unfair then she is free not to renew her contract if thats what she wants. But I guess she is so practical minded not to even think about that

  16. Seeing Dara at the back in this M/V pissed me. Why they still let Dara wear those trashy boyish clothes? Why can’t she be in a girlish clothes like before? I’m so done with YG and their stylist.

  17. I kinda agree with Loki, Dara doesnt need too much exposure when she’s with the girls we have to give Bom, Minzy, and CL a chance, especially CL now that YG is trying to expose her to the world particularly in US together with GD, the only thing that I want for Dara now is to have her star in a Drama or to have a new single, that would be awesome, so YG please?

    • I think it’s such a joke that Korean artists be it GD or CL think they can make it big in the US. Wondergirls, Rain, Se7en and BoA all flopped in the US even though they have so much talent and looks. GD and CL may have local connections but it’s not enough to make it in the US because there are a lot of talented artists that have the looks, skills and connections as well. I think GD and CL can make it big in Asian countries and to be honest isn’t that enough already? I think SM is way smarter than YG in terms of targeting the right countries with their idol groups.

  18. nessadin0 said:

    From 1:32-1:45 it felt kinda weird seeing the girls up front, but Dara in the back. It seems as if she was just a background person. This is how I feel, but sometimes I see that Dara seems to get pushed to the back when all four gets together. Maybe I’m just thinking too much into it. I love 2ne1 as a whole and hope everything gets settled soon with all this favoritism or whatever you call it.

  19. Woah~ Did I really offend the admins here to delete my comment? I’m disappointed

  20. pleasedontaskmethat said:

    I’m actually getting tired of YG’s Bullcrap lately. I get CL and Minzy are the most western-friendly members, and I’m ok with the fact that they may get a bit more exposure than Bom and Dara, but could we NOT please think about favoring someone over the other from tme to time? Or at least give the others some outside activities to remain relevant on the field? Bom has roomate but what about a solo? Minzy should have some solo activities too (She’s been deserving that since a long time and I’m almost scared that we won’t get anything due to YG’s obsession with certain artists), and Dara needs some acting activites, or maybe some guitar song or SOMETHING other than modeling that is. I love all the 2NE1 girls, and I hate absolutely nothing about them, but YG and his crappy management has got to stop. Gosh I wish I could slap some sense into him. I wanna strangle that man.

  21. I still say that dara don’t need to be exposed that much to prove anything. The whole exposure thing is a bit complicated. 2ne1 has 4 members. You pull one up the rest gets push down. It’s not just about CL or Dara. Don’t you forget about the 2. They have rights to be on that top too. They all signed the contract to the company and its the company that decide on how to run the show. YG had been fair in the early days i think. Although right now I believe YG lacks creative ideas on how to highlight the other members so they rely too much of what they think is working which is unfortunately is favoring one member. The company for sure is not playing democracy. Call it favoritism I call it laziness or they just in it now for the money. I just wish for Dara to think about venturing to another career before her contract expires. Music bands or groups doesn’t last long. When you see 2ne1 having less impacting music than before and they starting to show videos that involves lesbianism, stripping etc. then its time for Dara or Bom to move on before the group evolve to more sinister and sexual level only minzy or CL can maintain. Not only that, I fear for Dara’s body and hair. How many times can a woman abused her hair til it fall off? Tell me? And no matter how exciting her abs is her workout is taking away more meat than a mincing machine. I say that’s enough. Pls. Move to another career. I favor harnessing her guitar skill. That’s one skill highly respected and can take you anywhere if you work hard which she does

  22. Since “missing you” I no longer call myself a blackjack but a Daraling. YG or whoever is making these decisions regarding where 2NE1 is going should really reconsider how they distribute screen time and choice of outfits. I dont care if they give CL a solo but when it’s a 2NE1 song/MV please make it that. I have never seen the same problem with Big Bang so I’m sure they know how it should be done.

  23. I want to see Dara in Vogue or Elle Mag wearing different gowns from Valentino, Dior, Carolina Herrera and etc. Simple and elegant.

  24. Me too. If not for Dara would have not mind stanning 2ne1. So I really need #DramaforDara

  25. what are all these hate?cant we just support them..?i mean dara is mybias but ultimately dara is part of 2ne1 and i support them all the way..in my opinion its allrightfor cl to have most screen time because she deserved it and they all deserved it in the it hurts mv dara had the most screen time so what now its not like shes the only member of 2ne1 ..just please cont. to support all these girls without pointing who is who because they are a group and i love seeing them as they are as a group,even if that day comes when theyre not 2ne1 anymore i’d still support them individually..im just happy that yg made these videos cause theyre not usually seen in variety shows..

    • i agree about not hating the other girls but, i beg to disagree on supporting all the girls if some of us here just love dara and dara alone. i for one cannot force myself to profess love and support for anybody if i dont feel it. that’s just how it is…

  26. splitspindles said:

    oh yeah like a whiny b**** that i am, i’m gonna rant like there’s no tomorrow. *** to YG, really yg? really? do you even know the word ‘fairness’ ? *** To blackjacks who are commenting here, i am a dara lover and of course most of us are or if not, all of us here are so would you please shut up when ‘WE meaning DARA LOVERS’ can’t stop complaining and commenting about how we have been seeing less Dara on 2ne1 videos and songs? Like really?!?! she worked on her voice a lot and you can hear the improvement but still,lesser lines on songs. we’ve seen her worked out a lot to show toned legs and abs and still, you can see her on all types of clothes that DOES NOT even give her body any justice. Popularity is not enough, what we want for YG is to support that STAYING POWER that she has now. UGH! so pissed.

  27. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. I’m glad the 2NE1 girls support and love one another. CL is smart and knows how to market herself. The other girls need to do the same. In that business they really need to take control of their image and develop it as part of marketing yourself. I think Dara looks great in boys clothes, but that industry isn’t going to hire her to do CF’s since their main target is not women. I think for Dara she needs to target the sophisticated classy look, or sexy impish look. Dara has a wonderful way of looking sexy while remaining fully covered, don’t you think? I absolutely hated that tuft of blond hair she sported during their visit to the Phillippines. I find that I don’t watch too much of their latest videos, ever since after Missing You. I’ll watch it maybe a max of 4 times and then go back to watching their older performances.

  28. I don’t get the whole pole dance and strippers next to CL…. I know CL likes the whole “girls are crushing on her” but please don’t let it happen in 2NE1’s MV….. I really hope Dara will have a chance to act soon! I remember she is currently taking acting lessons!! Hwaiting Dara!!!

  29. This whole CL and the girls issue is getting quite serious now really, I think YG should rethink his strategy about on how to promote CL, he’s destroying the fandom, I noticed that 2ne1 losing quite a lot of supporters coz of disappointments. A lot of BJ’s are saying that those who complain are not true blackjacks, meh, fans are entitled to complain they are the ones who buys tickets, singles and albums of the artists they support, aren’t they entitled to be disappointed when somethings lets them down? Like expecting to see a group promoted together, then a single member gets highlighted waaaaaaaaay tooo much =( unfair to other members, don’t you think? I’m a daraling and I worry what this issue is doing to the fandom coz like it or not some bj’s quit coz of this issue and just mainly support their bias activities. =( I still support the whole group but meh really disappointed with how YG promote the girls, it’s like the other members are not as important meh. Sorry for the rant.

  30. I don’t feel compelled to dislike the exposure of other members as long as Dara is the most popular and well loved. I can see the power of Dara within and outside her group’s success and that’s enough for me. CL, MINZY and Bom are also individuals that wanted to be loved as well. I’m sure they are humble enough to accept that dara is the most loved among them. And as long as Dara love cl bom and minzy then we should just avoid marginalizing the others. Sandara park will always be successful and will always have the most followers. If her career in 2ne1 is over she will remain famous compare to her 2ne1 sisters. Her millions of fans will just follow her around whenever she goes. Dara brought something special to 2ne1 existence. She pulled a lot of people to like it. So let’s be happy for Dara no matter how small her part is. Everybody knowns and sense that her popularity is almost as equal as the group’s popularity. She don’t need to have a bigger part. Because if she does that will only certifies it. About this MV I just love their beauty, designs and style. Its killing everyone. Dara especially and Bom secondly 🙂 CL tribute to Audrey Heburn’s little black dress and imitating the actress’ scene in the movie ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is so nice since I just watch that movie couple of months ago. But of course there’s something bad about this MV and it offended me a bit. That lesbian thing with CL and pole dance. I mean WTF??! Never seen 2ne1 video bordering on homosexual scene than this. Really WTF??!! If they corrupt themselves with these images more in their videos in the furure I rather have sandara park pulled from this filth than infecting her with these none sense. Let the other girls continue and allow themselves in this path if they want to. But for sandara lap dancing is enough. She should stay wholesome forever. Otherwise it will corrupt her. The entertainment business is notorious for corrupting good character of people.

  31. I am so disappointed with how they are marketing 2NE1 at the moment. Even if YG wants CL to go release a solo album they shouldn’t put the spotlight solely on her. I have trouble believing this because when GD was going solo, Big Bang ‘ s MV did not just focused on GD! The inequality in 2NE1 is getting ridiculous, 2NE1 I’m shouldn’t be CL and the girls.

    Even though Dara constantly promote CL I can’t wholeheartedly support CL because it’s just too unfair for Dara. I really can’t understand why YG won’t let Dara act! If he is scare that Dara won’t do well then take a look at Roommate. The rating is going down each week and yet Bom is getting exposure.

    If you are not talked about then you become irrelevant. YG should understand that and Dara’s clock is ticking. I really don’t get why he let’s TOP and VI act in drama and be in Big Bang while Dara is….what is she doing in her downtime?! CL is busy promoting herself and getting her name out there, Bom has got roommate and Minzy is studying. As a Daraling I just get so worry for Dara.

    I really hope they can give Dara more opportunities then even if she only gets 10 sec in the MV we won’t be too butt hurt about it.

    • Oops.. sorry for the many typos..I should have re – read it.. got a bit too passionate…

  32. AlohaDara said:

    As a Daraling first, I appreciate all your comments in defense of Dara. Remember when Missing You came out? I was furious at the 2 lines she got and denounced myself from being a blackjack and didn’t buy the song. I love 2NE1 (they remain my favorite group) but I wont support blindly anymore.

    I finally came to the realization that this how it is for Dara. She will always get the least lines because her voice is not strong( although we know she can sing) and she is not the favorite…that’s the reality for her. She knows this and continues to be 2NE1’s and CL’s biggest fan.

    Dara has proven that even though life isn’t fair, she puts a smile on her face and gives her best every time. Of course we want more for her. But as long as she is happy, so be it. I have no expectations regarding YG and his plan for her. He has disappointed me too many times. So when good things come her way, its such a nice surprise.

    I love the Crush album! So we can look at this video and see she got shafted or we can say what little time she had on the screen, she is still by far the icing, the most charismatic and the best for me. gushing daraling and not ashamed. hehehe

    I love this site and thank you Admin for letting us share our thoughts together. Love you Daralings Fighting!

  33. This was an awesome video. Rather than dwelling on how big or how small each piece is…I look at the Total Picture the pieces make! Because no matter what size each piece is..if missing the whole picture comes off! 2NE1 would not be 2NE1 if one member is missing! Personally I love ALL the members but Dara is my bias and I appreciate how well she blends and complements with the others! Her part may seem small in comparison but she still manages to hold her own and shine.

  34. Lance Sevilla said:

    Sorry Admin for the comments and rants… We are just voicing out our real feelings….

    Also, In case that awkward610 is correct.. then Dara should step up… do business with other agency…. I think it is allowed to have 2 agency… for 2ne1 its YG and for Drama other agency… If no offer for her, maybe some agency can do business for her…She is not getting younger….

  35. Lance Sevilla said:

    @awkward610 Sorry but I think its not the offer….. We all know that she is an actress, if YG really wants her to star in a drama, you will not wait for a an offer as an agency you have have to act as a businessman, you have to asked them, offer your best product… you will not only sit there and wait for the offer, you just said it maybe because of the age… well if that’s the case then maybe YG should step up and do business for their talents… Yoo In Na and Goo Hye Sun are YG actress… YG do business for them… So I’am confident that he can do business with Dara also… If that he wants..
    @charlene If YG really wants them to focus on singing career, why TOP Seungri are allowed to act…. why not Dara….. Singing is always there…. you can go back anytime… just like TOP and Seungri… I believe in saying that If you have talent show it…

    • charlane said:

      Hhmmm that’s true. I still don’t get what’s happening tho. If the others are able to do individual activities, why can’t Dara or even minzy do stuff as well? I think Dara has been preparing for her acting for years but why can’t YG (because they are the ones who finds out about the offers first) let her do any offers? I doubt it if no one ever gave her any offers because idols who can’t even act are being casted in loads of dramas -.-

  36. awkward610 said:

    Yes…Rant. We can rant all we want because this is Dara site.Btw…we sure want Dara to act but have you guys ever thought that maybe YG didn’t interfere with this. The first two three years maybe but now….could it be that maybe there’s no offer. With her age and all and the competition with other young idols and actresses. I mean the producers got a lot of choice. Maybe she already lost her chance… it’s sad. I’m sorry it just a thought.

    • charlane said:

      I don’t think it’s because she never got any offer. I think it more like YG wanted them to focus on their singing career first.

  37. Superbj said:

    I super love the crush mv… They all looked pretty, bad a** biatches. All fierce. They looked expensive. Really set the bar high. That sets them apart, not your typical kpop girl group. Oh btw i love sandara park but im not complaining with cl’s screentime. Whether you call it cl and her b*tches or whatnot… Still the fact remains that it is indeed 2NE1… I love 2ne1 i love cl dara bom minzy…
    I am a blackjack since fire era
    Followed them in ig and twitter

    No hates here… 2ne1 are sisters. They members arent complaining as dara herself is a self proclaimed president of cl’s fanclub. If ur a true bj… Daralings, Bomshell or Minja ul surely will also love cl… Right CLovers?

    Peace all bjs

  38. What the eff was that? I like CL but that MV is so freakin full of CL that it kinda looked like it’s CL & friends. Grrrr….YG needs to stop shoving CL down our throat coz the more he does it the more i’m getting sick watching CL in their MV, i end up just watching it once then that’s enough. Dara, Bom & minzy has lots of fans too who wants to see them since we don’t get to see them as much.

  39. In my observation YG has a plan for CL. Like other group the leader has more exposure then when the group broke only leader will success. But the problem is in this group even Dara is not a leader she will be shine coz as a big fan of her I am still stick to Dara as always. Their plan could not be success….

  40. Lance Sevilla said:

    because if Dara will enter in a drama… she will definitely outshine CL… and YG will not allow that to happen…

  41. Lance Sevilla said:

    I’ll answer your question why Dara is not allowed to do a Drama… and the answer is in your comment….

  42. kurobuchi said:

    Well, Blackjacks wanted to have a Crush MV and here you go. CL has the most part in the song so obviously we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the MV too. Not her fault, I think they’re trying to give CL as much exposure as possible leading up to her solo album release. Let’s just give 2NE1 our love. 🙂

  43. i’m reall desapointed w/ this pv, really sorry to say this but i thi.k the.re trying to get lost of dara.. this is not about ev’rything cl rigth? i love her but enough for favoritism…. i really hate it! what can we do daraling to have dara’s solo? if i’m rich i can sponsor for her alone, but sad say i’m not… i was talking so much here but i just wanted to share what i feel.

  44. dara is pretty…but sad to say dara boom and minzy have little part…its all about c.l…. i wish dara is the one in the 1st part

  45. like always..just a little part of dara :((

  46. cl mv…i think..at the first part of the video,,they should put 2ne1 in a group…Im not hating,,but u know.they are a group,,not only cl…she has solo already in their album,,,seriously,,,!!! so disappointed!!

  47. Skylar014 said:

    I need to let this out, a PV full of CL. Not hating on anyone but you know…kinda disappointing. Sad 😦 its just my opinion, no need to lash out on me. Peace guys!

    • Totally agree with you. First thing I asked when I saw it was “is this a 2ne1 mv or cl mv?” In almost every music video they did she’s always the lead but that was fine bec the girls also had a lot screen time. However this mv looks more like cl and her three little back up friends. People always deny this but you’ve got to admit it already. There’s obviously favouritism happening and it’s not good at all.

  48. Is this a 2ne1 MV or what?

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