I apologize for the late post of the trans. T_T Weekends are extremely busy for me, so I catch up as much as I can on Sunday evening until Monday. T_T Anyways, here’s Dara’s fun recording for Saturday night! ❤ This wasn’t a live radio, it was pre-recorded on Friday evening. ^^ 




From  :

#DJDara Our first part is over, and we’ll meet in the second part.

#DJDara I will introduce presents for our volume up family

#DJDara People in England says that they stop their work at 3 or 4 and have a teatime to refresh their mind

#DJDara As much as your busy, you need a break time, and I hope this time is the break time for you

#DJDara it’s a corner that we put on 2 songs together. Please send me songs u want me to turn on.

#DJDara You look so thin, where do you need to lose weight?

#DJDara I understand you since u said you can’t do diet since you’re busy with housework.

#DJDara Diet is hard, but you should still eat.

#DJDara Bongu is such a nice name, but why doesn’t he want to be called Bongu?

#DJDara I understand though, since till elementary school, I didn’t like my name since it was a unique 4 lettered name. I had many nicknames

#DJDara Dara had nicknames such as Santtalgi (Mountain strawberry) and Santa Haraboji.

#DJDara Dara talked about a guy who didn’t like to be called Bonggu, instead he asked people to call him ‘Gu’

#DJDara I have some men around me who has their hair slowly falling off.

#DJDara Since I went through a lot of weird hairstyles, my hair is in a state of Gollum’s.

#DJDara Your husband and me, we should treat our hair properly with essence and shampoo and make our hair better.

#DJDara Dara talked abt a husband who’s hair is slowly falling off and bought expensive shampoo and essence.

#DJDara I think everyone has their own healing song.

#DJDara I too, have a healing song. I like to listen to music and look at the night scenery.

#DJDara When I sit and use the earphones, my member would say that ‘Here she with a problem.’

#DJDara I have a calm healing to heal myself when I have a problem or when I miss my second home, Philippines, where my friends are.

#DJDara Dara said her healing song is from a band from Philippines.

Dara said her healing song is from MYMP, a Philippines band. #DJDara

#DJDara We should be happy till the end.

#DJDara As you talk of siblings, me and Cheondung, we are famous for being a very good sibling.

#DJDara Volume up family, we will all become happy.

From  :

Dara said that she is thankful on her guest for coming tonight. #DJDara

Dara said that she have learned some vocal lessons from Gummy. #DJDara

Dara said that the guest album is beautiful so we must hear it together. #DJDara

#DJDara Dara is asking about married life the guest said they are married in dara’s age and told dara that marriage life is fun

#DJDara Drara thought of married life when she was living in abroad and when she thinks of it now, she laughed.

Dara is always asking what is the feeling of having a married life. Dara must really eager to fall in love and got married. #DJDara

A listener texted Dara that she greet his crush and he don’t greet back. #DJDara

And Dara said if this is a one sided love #DJDara

The female guest said that it’s they way we speak and smile to the person we like and we must not worry. #DJDara

I just noticed that when Dara became the sub-DJ, why the topics are all about love? hmmm

Dara is reading a listener’s wish so she give a commercial for now. #DJDara

Dara said: “Diet is hard but still eat” while she is reading a story about diet from a listener. #DJDara

Dara thought what she will called her boyfriend and she played the song “baby” 애기 -> ae gi #DJDara

next song will be twinkle by TaeTiSeo #DJDara

Dara thought that her name is strange in Korea. #DJDara

now playing: 4minute’s what’s your name #DJDara

Dara mentioned her werid hairstlye when she debuted because the listener problem is about hair. #DJDara

Dara said that the listener husband and her must treat their hair with some shampoo and hair stuffs. #DJDara

Dara said she loves MYMP from the Philippines. #DJDara

Dara said she loves acoustic so much and she always listens to music for her healing time. #DJDara

Dara said that the other 2ne1 members are curious what music is she listening to anytime she listens to music in her headphones. #DJDara

Dara said that she have a healing time for herself whenever she miss her second home Philippines and when she have problems. #DJDara

Dara said that 2ne1 members think she have problems anytime she listens to music. #DJDara

#DJDara has ended again.
Dara: We should be happy till the end~

Dara is reading about a story about kids and he thought of thunder. #DJDara
a nice noona indeed

Dara: We are famous for being a good siblings. (talking about thunder) #DJDara

Dara is now closing the show.
Dara: Volume up family, we will be always happy. #DJDara

From  :

The female guest on #DJDara today is Park Min Hye. Member of former group “Big Mama”

The male guest on #DJDara is “Eco Bridge” real name “Lee Jong Myung”. A jazz singer and songwriter

Dara saved CL’s number on her phone as “Baby Rin”?
Chaera fans, are you still alive? ASDHJGB I was still recovering from yesterday #DJDara

And oh she played “Twinkle”!~ Second soshi song she played this week, after playing “Gee” on her first day. Yup I was keeping count ..

I was pleasantly surprised with something during this week with #DJDara , its that shes really proud to have grown up in the Philippines

She talked about missing her friends there, spoke tagalog on air, talked about her vacation there with her members, her fav desert, band…


From  :

It’s first time we met in this hour for this show. Kaban oppa? Dara let’s meet our beautiful girl and she said it’s been long time

Dara said she met her when she’s in dorm and became a trainee in YG and the guest met dara said she’s met in rain and kinda shy

Dara said met two of them now since long time is a good time and she’s as special dj now. Dara many giggling today kkk

Dara thankful for two of them comin and become with dara now. And dara just said English in good pronunciation. They talk about karaoke now.

Dara said she’s learning her vocal from Gummy that have beautiful voice. And the guest said please understand her voice that not good

Dara askin about her album now. And the guest said she’s getting ready for her album and her schedule is kinda busy as she married now.

And dara said it’s beautiful cd let’s hear it together. I think it’s the guest song ^.^

Dara said the beautiful voice it such a good song. It’s the female guest song.

Dara said this girl like a man and have misunderstood about this and many things happening like she being shy.They talk about listener story

Dara said if you love your boyfriend you’ll don’t care of anything and just love him. Like holdin his hand and just showin love him.

Dara ask the man about what kind of collaboration he have and he said it song with IU that now playing

The listener talkin about how she trybher best to learn English. And since she’s comin from other country. And want to marry her boyfriend

I think the letter before it’s from foreign listener. And dara said it’s very cool of her boyfriend to meet foreign parents of his girlfrien

And dara asking about married life. And the guest said how they married in dara age now and how happy married life.

Dara read listener text how she like someone and giving his a greeting but no greeting back and she said what’s is this like one side love

This listener said how am I supposed to do when I meet the girl I like. In this kind of face and style. And dara said it’s really hard story

The man said when met beautiful woman that have charms he will think like see a movie and not think too much how to get her

The girl said it’s how we speak we smile in front of the person we like and not to think like ah she or her not our style and not to worry

And dara said whoah such a pro to man guest now and the girl said it’s different from us lol and now dara said thank you for comin now

Dara close the first section with this request song from male guest. Wait for the second who gonna be her codjs? Kkk

Dara just playing other song and this song it’s from male codj before

Sandara Park special dj open section two for giving so many present as usual and she reading it now one by one

Dara read story about diet and dara said how hard she working out like what she saw in movie. And she said diet is hard but still eat

Dara said like 2ne1 cool name cl name agarin baby rin and bom name is pretty too like bemi or minzy gong mingki is dara love name

Dara suddenly said to think about what name she called for her boyfriend and as this song title aegi means baby

Dara said in kid memory she didn’t like it cause her friend said it like santa haraboji means grandpa santa but she like sandara

Ooooh now segment talkin about name. Dara think Sandara name is kinda strange in Korea maybe cause three syllable is rare in korean name

And now song from 4 minute what’s your name and after this song gonna play also related to name meaning is don’t call ma name

So before that Dara is mentioned what’s name she called for 2NE1 names and she told us she called cl aegirin means baby rin bom is bemmie

And for maknae she called her gong mingki and for dara? Dara usually called darong by chae as her nickname

I think member of 2ne1 called dara as darong. I heard chae so often called her darong and bommie tweet her in darong too

Dara read about listener story about her hair story cause mentioned shampoo and dara said about her strange hair style when she debut

I think it cause the hair being damaged and I’ve been surrounded by so many men like your husband too. It’s still about hair problem

And dara told the listener she and her husband should treat their hair more better with good nutrition of shampoo

Dara also said she like to listen music for healing time and she like acoustic and she like mymp it’s famous in Philippines

Dara said she likes to listening music using headset and makin other members curios what song she listening kkk

Dara heal her self when she met problem or when she miss her second home, Philippines the places of her friends

My member will think I’ve in a problem when I sit and listened to music use earphones

Dara is loving by Philippines cause she always remember and think Phillipines as her second home.

So we are till the end will be happy. I think it’s closing now. Dara read listener story about family kids. And dara think about thunder now

Dara closing today show and ask volume up family to always happy. It’s end for today dearest friends kkk thank you for being with me 🙂

Dara is good noona and love her family so much the way she talk about how famous she and cheondung as very good sibling realitionship ♥








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