Whoaaaa, so happy that CL surprised Dara last night! ❤ DarLin love all around! Dara seemed so excited and her spirits were really lifted up with CL’s presence, and she called CL her “favorite dongsaeng” how cute is that?! ^_^ This just further proves how CL and Dara love each other so much, supporting each other all the time, and I really feel bad for people who hate on DarLin, how could you hate even one of them if you’re a bias of the other? When they love each other this much. XD I said that this is her “last night” because technically, it is. The weekend radios will only be audio, no live video stream, and I think she recorded them already. ^_^





[VOLUME UP TALK VIDEO] 140530 YOO IN NA VOLUME UP WITH SPECIAL DJ SANDARA PARK – Let’s Go To The Beach with Coffee Boy and Lalasweet’s Park Byul

Credits: MediaVolume891

From @MyPeas_ :


#DJDara JJANG!~ I missed you guys very much! I’m Volume Up’s special DJ Sandara Park~

#DJDara There are times like that right? You hated in the beginning, but now you look back and say “ahh, those were the good days”

#DJDara What are some of the things you guys miss nowdays?

#DJDara Ahh I agree with you (the listener), I miss my mum’s food too



#DJDara She came out of no where?!
CL: What do you mean out of nowhere! haha

#DJDara Listner (hul hul Cl is here?! What a surprise)

#DJDara Listener’s are asking chaerin to do aegyo!

#DJDara CL: Ahh not this!
Dara: ayy, I did it too you have to do it!
CL: umm what kind of aegyo should i do?

CL: “Dara unni~” AHH no this is not it

#DJDara Listener (Dara’s voice seems to me up today!~ haha It must be family’s strength)

#DJDara CL: I’m glad~ I though I might be burdensome to dara and make her more nervous

#DJDara A message asked her to copy YG’s voice XD. She tried it and then goes “Ahh this is not it, nothing is working for me today” lol

Dara seems so excited today!

#DJDara Someone I really like is here, my favorite dongsaeng, CL! wohoo~

CL: Us too, we’re really busy and we don’t get to meet our friends often, but when we do its really fun. Doesn’t feel awkward. We’re friends after all, right?

#DJDara Msg (I heard about your solo album cl is it true, I missed you)
CL: Well I’m really interested in music, so look forward to our music. 2NE1 album too

msg( I’m on a diet, have you tried it too CL, give me advice)
CL: Ofcourse I have, diet and excerise too. I have alot of yoyo though

CL: Dara is a drama mania lol
i watched Mr. Nobody recently

Minzy, or maknae is really busy these days. With school. She leaves really early in the morning. But she’s well

#DJDara we’ r starting “Dar-a bright Dar-a” corner do you know about it CL?
CL: Ofcourse I heard it yest
D: Ah yes I made you listen to it!

Apparently Dara is a drama mania, and CL is more of a movie person~

And oh Dara was complimenting CL, calling her “Producer-nim” haha
Maybe we’ll see more CL self-compositions in the new album?

#DJDara “Dar-a Dar-a bright Dar-a” corner is starting

#DJDara ( a msg about having no hair on his leg LOL)
D: Oh this is a problem for guys?
CL: Yes I’m surprised too

Cl: Ahh but i guess its better having a lot of hair instead of none for guys

#DJDara Cl: My opinion is for you two to have a quite couple time together, eat delicious food and enjoy your time together~
(to a concern)

msgs asking for sign CDs so they chose one and gave the CD

Some of them are saying they live far away in jeju so they can’t get, other asking for it because 2ne1’s music is “healing”

They gave all of them signed CDs

#DJDara Playlist
CL – Mental Breakdown 
(She played it two days in a row now. Someone is biased XD)

#DJDara lool cute CL stuttering when she’s introducing herself as “Just CL”
haha She says after that “I wanna go home fast” XD

#DJDara dara is like you’re doing good,how can you find experience like this anywhere else

#DJDara All the listener’s are asking for signed CDs now LOL
They keep giving more

#DJDara Cl Knows alot of good songs, she’s our personal DJ in our car~
CL: Yes thats true haha
Dara: Ahh DJ meets a DJ

#DJDara Am I perfect?
CL: Huh? No Dara: aww
Cl: How can a person be perfect, but unni has her own unique charms

#DJDara Dara does wanna send her away early aww

#DJDara They talk a little but about a vacation all the members went together.
They said lets do it again, it was fun

I think they were talking about their time in the Philippines

#DJDara CL said her goodbyes, expressing how much she enjoyed today, ending it with a “Goodbam~ /Goodnight~”



#DJDara Dara is talking about how she talks to her cat “Dadoongie” XD
When she’s feeling down, she goes home and tells him all her troubles

From @DearDara1112 :


Listener said what kind of aegyo is chae have and dara said she just so cute and cl said darani? Kkk chaera too much cute

Listener said will chae till the end? And dard voice is ma family energy.

Chae talkin about album and dard said she’s really like today cause chae here kyaaaah

Listener ask chae to imitated someone and she tried it and dara said if you curios about cl send message here

At first dara being welcome by chae “we’re here with sweet dara” and listener said it is surprise present to be with cl and dar said it’s cl

When chae try to explain how to text but she’s kinda confused and dard help her and chae said whoaah it’s so different cause dara is dj now

The way dara said it’s c to the l our cl the leader kyaaah she’s so happy now

Me with ma favorite dongsaeng sit here cl whoaaah dara said she love acoustic music and when she goin to workout listening music

Chae said she’s kinda busy to meet friends now but when she meet she playing hard and dard said whoah cl really hahaha

Listener said about he or she didn’t have confident and chae said don’t think like that about your complex

Chae just said you’re right unniwnyour right unnie. And listener said chae I missed you and ask about her solo album and she hope it soon

And dara suddenly talk about acoustic album. I hope dara will have and album too uwaaaa

Chae are you on diet please help me the listener said and chae said she try it and doin sport and two of them doin yoga uwaaa chaera

Dara said she’s busy and chae said dara is drama holic and chae is movie holic and she like to study and playing hard too

Last time bommie come and chae come now too and listener hope maknae will come and they two talk minzy is busy to study now

Now grant wish will be chae read and will you heard it carefully? Kkk and now is song play by cl read it in sexy english aaah chaera too ♥

Dara never stop saying she’s happy now and she talk more comfortable I think it cause chae is lovely dongsaeng she have today as codj

So today last oncam yooinna dara with chae kyaaah I really wish maknae minzy also come to the show 😦

Chae also wish 2ne1 album will come soon and dara said whoaah really cl producer♥

Dara dara bright dara segment now and chae just said it kyaaah so cute

And dara congrats the listener and dara said have lovely eat with your omma now in your house kkk

Dara doin lot of aegyo voice now and listener ask make chae and dar thinking hard and laughing

Chae said about she listening to music her like and singin what she like to fighting the listener

They two talking about misunderstood in some story listener said

Listener ask for 2NE1 sign cd and she gave it chaera congrats them kkk

Dara can you give me sign cd to healing and dara said I will give it to you

Wow so many listener asking for sign cd and dara give it to them cause listener need energy to study and she gave it wow

Dara giving so many sign cd today and now cl song menbung again

Dara playing menbung for the second time she being a dj whoaaah dara love this song as much she love chae♥

Dara dara and sandara and only cl here and chae said let’s go home soon unnie lol

So many people askin for their sign cd now like they will study hard if they give the sign cd

And listener said she like chae menbung and dara said I will give it to you the signed cd whoah you’re so cute haha

Chae said let’s listening to this lovely sweet beautiful song together

Segment now is ending they start section two. Listener said the song before is so love. And dara said chae love English song so much

They talkin about how they ride plane to Philippines

Chae said how dara is have charismatic doin a dj and hope with all 2ne1 member can come to yooinna and dara said I promise

Chae just welcome the listener again said it’s cl and they said goodbye for a second and see you again

Chae never stop praising dara. She really sincere talkin that dara is really doin good job and for chae dara is always dara that charismatic

And also dara never stop praising how she love and proud to have cl as 2ne1 leader kyaaah they warm atmosphere



The two codjs come now. One man one woman. Dara said let’s welcome them and dar said she love their voice

Dara said as special dj will they tonight imitated something related to coffee or something

Dara said when she came to home she said dadoongi thank you and she said her cat really have charm whoaah lovely omma

Dara said should we heard song now? And the man codj suggest song now dara play two codjs suggest song 😉

Dara said how to meet sunbaenim hoe to greet them and ask to thr codjs

Dara really great personality she really concern how to greet senior well whoah yoksi sandara jjang

They talkin about strong words in this song and dard said let’s listening to this song together now

Dara giggle is the best sound in this world. I think dara doin something make codj laugh and said dara did that while listening song haha

Dara talking about something make her angry and she said when I angry I listened to acoustic music I make I’m pro in that whoaah ssancoustic

They talkin about kids now. Hoe pretty daughter and dara mom always taking pic of pretty dara in kids whoaah omma we want to see it lol

Dara said I’m also not have kids yet but I wanna buy it too also *I think they talk about parents things to buy when they have kids*

Dara said she’s really been thankful to meet them as codjs now and dara close the second segment just now with a song

Ommoni the song just played also babies voice in the end whoaaah tonight I think more song segment rather than talking kkk

Dara said so many text today. And it’s hard to read it one by one and she announced the winner. And now is closing.




Comments on: "Videos+Translations: 140530 Emotional Dara on her Last Night as DalD ~ Spirits Lifted up with Surprise Guesting from her “Favorite Dongsaeng” CL!" (5)

  1. i feel like chaera is even closer since their trip to the philippines…genuine love and friendship…i remember in 2ne1tv season 1 cl has pictures inside her closet of people who are important…i remember seeing teddy…and dara…in the pictures…

  2. are there gonna be eng subs for the videos?

  3. They have such good friendship! I don’t have a problem with CL but the whole imbalance of attention between 2ne1 can really fire up fan wars.

  4. i forgot. thanks for sharing these > w <

  5. right right. some fans are mental and jealous freaks. kkkk~ aigooooo. i’m tearing up. i love these two, i mean i love 2ne1~ i’m stil in cloud nine after attending the aon manila. sorry if i don’t make sense. hahaha

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