Hahaha, staff revealed that Dara was worried the most about Wednesday! Because she’s meeting with really tall models! XD And oh Dara, kekekeke, matching a really, really formal top with red pants and black Converse sneakers.. XD But again, she makes it work, and she looks so cute! ❤ 


The Feeling with the Color Pink With Joo Woo Jae, Lee Hyeon Yi

With DalD
<The Feeling with the Color Pink>

Since the first day DalD came to work on Monday,
Today is the day she worried about the most.
A lengthy explanation is not needed for the reason


After taking pictures, DalD who
Suddenly remembered something,

“Now, wait for a moment!!!!!!!”

She ran forward really fast.
And then putting her hat on, she said,

“I like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like. The other!!!!!!!!!!!”




Source: KBS FM “Volume Up” Website

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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