Weeee! Here are the official photos! They look so happy teasing each other in the first two pictures.. XDDD





More after the cut!







Source: 2NE1 Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 140517 Official Pictures of Lively 2NE1 at their 5th Anniversary and “All Or Nothing” Concert in Manila" (3)

  1. Butterfly said:

    OMG. The banner… TT TT

  2. The weather is scorching hot while lining up to get in the arena but the concert is just even hotter with the performance of the four girls! It was really an amazing night that everyone who were there including me totally enjoyed the show. In or Out is one of my fave moments in the entire concert, you can tell Dara is very happy performing it again and it is even more special coz the girls and their crew dance and sing with her. I hope YG family tour will happen here!

  3. daisang said:

    I really love their concert. Totally daebak! The crowd are energetic and their performance so lively,cheerful and cute especially when they perform in or out. I hope they will come again and to celebrate their anniv! 🙂

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