[enews24 전수미 기자] YG Entertainment(YG)’s power girl group 2NE1 held a concert celebrating the 5th anniversary of their debut in the Philippines, which was a great success.

On the evening of May 17, the day that 2NE1 debuted five years ago, the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, the Philippines, was packed with local fans who came to see 2NE1’s world tour, “ALL OR NOTHING.”

Wearing stylish and colorful outfits on stage, 2NE1 started the concert with their 2nd regular album’s title track, “CRUSH,” and captivated fans.

2NE1 impressed fans by singing songs in various genres from hit songs that boast powerful performances such as “FIRE,” “CLAP YOUR HANDS,” and “PRETTY BOY,” to sentimental songs with soft vocals such as “MISSING YOU,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and the unplugged version of “COME BACK HOME.”

Local fans enthusiastically welcomed 2NE1’s first-ever concert in the Philippines by singing along to all lyrics in Korean. 2NE1 performed a total of 18 songs including pervious hit songs, “I AM THE BEST” and “I DON’T CARE,” as well as their 2nd regular album’s new tracks, “COME BACK HOME,” “GOTTA BE YOU,” and “SCREAM.”

Local fans were especially excited for 2NE1’s first exclusive concert in the Philippines because DARA used to be a local performer while living there. As a way to respond to the great enthusiasm of local fans, 2NE1 prepared a special performance by other members of 2NE1 singing along DARA’s single that she released in the Philippines, “IN OR OUT.”


2NE1 also arranged a special stage to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their debut.

Cakes in various colors sent from fans were displayed on stage so that 2NE1 could celebrate the special occasion not only among themselves, but also with fans. 2NE1 playfully put the cake’s icing on each others’ faces, which drew a joyful cheer from the audience

DARA posted a message on her SNS in Tagalog after the concert ended, saying, “I’m the happiest person right now. Black jack! 2NE1 loves you!”

Meanwhile, WINNER, a new boy band that YG has put together for the first time in eight years, showcased their new songs “GO UP” and “JUST ANOTHER BOY” as opening acts of 2NE1’s concert in the Philippines, leaving a memorable impression on local fans.

Following the concert’s great success in the Philippines, 2NE1 will travel to Malaysia on May 24 to continue their world tour concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Credits: YG Life

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