OMG!!! DARA AND TABLLOOOO! What I’d give for a fancam of Love, Love, Love right now! Dara looks so beautiful.. T_T



4u61H6R - Imgur

Doom Dara! ^^

kD9wYuk - Imgur th0qMGq - Imgur

All hail our queens! Looking good in silver! ❤






Y54hThm - Imgur


E1cguQv - Imgur



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 140412-140413 Fantaken Pics of Dara Solo and 2NE1 Group Fantaken Pics at YG Family Concert in Osaka" (3)

  1. poohbearl0u said:

    still waiting for a fancam of this collab ❤ watched the MV and you're right it's perfect for our Dara =)

  2. dara and tablo did a colaboration? please someone tell me what song ..

    and dara looks so good

    she really stand out when they were wearing the silver costume:)

    more fanboys please (does she have celebrity fanboys in japan??? kekeke..)

    • it’s epik high’s love love love. check it out in youtube and you’ll see why the song’s perfect for her.

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