It must have been a very nice meeting for these two big stars because they can’t get enough of saying it. Kekeke! ^^

FireShot Screen Capture #301 - 'Twitter _ krungy21_ @steveyeun 반가워요 스티븐 ^_^' - twitter_com_krungy21_status_453499543506522112

STEVE: Nice meeting you!

DARA:  It’s nice to meet you Steven ^.^


Sources: @krungy21 @steveyeun

Translated by: @WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Actor Steve Yeun from “The Walking Dead” Replies to Dara’s Tweet Earlier and Dara Replies Back ~ “It’s nice to meet you Steven ^.^”" (3)

  1. Perhaps they should meet again 😉

  2. love u both,

  3. Pppppppppp said:


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