Oh wow, 2NE1 got featured~! Awesome, awesome! <333 And I just love what they said about the girls:

“First, I have to tell you about this band… They have 600 million views and one of the biggest videos of the day, but they’re not even a household name in the United States.. YET! Kpop sensation 2NE1 just dropped two new videos and practically broke the internet.” 

Check out the video and don’t forget to like! ^^ The MVs for “Come Back Home” and “Happy” were also linked in the description. Did you guys watch the music videos today already? ^^ A go go go! ^^

K-Pop Superstars Break the Internet! | YouTube Nation | Tuesday

Today, K-Pop sensation 2NE1 drops two new music videos, style guru Amy pham solves fashion dilemmas, and Superman meets the Hulk.

Featured in this show: 

2NE1 – COME BACK HOME M/V http://goo.gl/Vmfts6
2NE1 – HAPPY M/V http://goo.gl/Xd5qnj
By 2NE1: http://youtube.com/2NE1

(A/N: Omitted parts not including 2NE1)

Credits: YouTube Nation

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