2NE1 Unveil New Smooth R&B Sound On ‘Crush’ With The CL-Composed ‘Baby I Miss You’


For anyone familiar with the music of 2NE1, the words “mellow” or “smooth jam” aren’t usually the first words you think of.

That’s not to say they don’t have slow songs. The four-member girl group may have more ballads then they have dance singles.

But 2NE1 didn’t build their international army of devoted fan with slow jams.

They did with their fire, their flare for the dramatic and their impressive vocal ability.

Much like how Mariah Carey did her most listenable music at the end of the 1990s Jay-Z collaboration “Heartbreaker” after she had sung every pitch the human voice was capable of, 2NE1 seems to have crossed over into a new sonic zone.

And the slow jam suits them.

And though there are plenty of the group’s trademark fireworks on “Crush,” the group’s second full-length album, released on Thursday, (including those in the album’s title-track) the standout song would have to be the mellow but not melodramatic “Baby I Miss You.”

The song has a strong beat that will doubtlessly make heads bop, but there is something more underneath it.

With a somber retro keyboard sound that manages to have shades of 1970s groovy instrumentals by artists like Bob James along with the sound of 1990s R&B dance ballads like “Creep” by TLC, there is an understated emotion in “Baby I Miss You” that is quite powerful.

Like any great dish, music is all about the ingredients and 2NE1 and producer Teddy Park use some excellently selected grooves and styles to create something quite new and exciting for the group.

A lot of the credit should go to the group’s frontwoman CL, who stepped up and wrote three songs for “Crush.”

And considering Teddy claims CL has at least another 17 songs already waiting, this is a very promising new direction for 2NE1.

It’s been six years since the group debuted in a cellphone commercial with Big Bang. But one gets the feeling they are just getting started.


Source: Kpopstarz

Comments on: "Article/Feature: Editor’s Pick – “2NE1 Unveil New Smooth R&B Sound On ‘Crush’ With The CL-Composed ‘Baby I Miss You'”" (10)

  1. I still think that the only reason why we get this album was because CL’s TBF failed to give her the momentum that she needs for her solo album so she needs the groups push for it. Parting with “3” songs from the ones she’s been hoarding to showcase and promote herself was a good trade. And contrary to what her stans been saying – Bom, Dara and Minzy do not need to be thankful to her, she should be thanking them instead! Her stans must have failed to notice that CL only put out 3 songs, why are they arrogantly giving CL the credit for the whole album?!?

    I, as a fan would like thank her though, for what ever reason she and YG may have – I get to finally hear Dara’s voice and felt her presence in most of their songs again. So THANK YOU. ^^

  2. I love all their songs in this album,i coudn’t wait for the album to come out i’m ready 2 buy.

  3. Seriously?no mv?i thought i will come out last day?what happened?

  4. ysabelle said:

    but in ” IF I WERE YOU” Dara nailed it the most! even in HAPPY.. =)

  5. ysabelle said:

    for me…gosh Goddess D we’re so proud of You ! you can make possible the impossible!
    Top 1. Comeback Home
    Top 2. Comeback Home ( unplugged)
    Top 3. Good to You
    Top 4. If I Were You
    Top 5. Happy
    Top 6. Gotta Be You
    Top 7. Baby I miss you
    Top 8. Crush
    Top 9 Scream
    Top 10. MTBD

  6. ysabelle said:

    guys, I thought Papa YG will released the music video at the same time of SNSD Mr?

  7. i also love baby i miss you!!! and after learning the lyrics good to you and happy plus baby i miss you are my top 3 picks!

  8. baby i miss you is also my fav in the album…..it’s on repeat.,,,,next is comeback home unplugged.,,,,,but happy is also my jam…..just so refreshing….

  9. i love how they compare 2ne1 with the american artist… ahha…

  10. I agree with this article. “Baby I Miss You” is one of my favorite tracks on the album and reminds me of TLC slow jam. Kudos to CL!

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