Looking back at the year that was… Or at least the first half of the year that was.. ^_^ When I was making this report, I was amazed at how many things we Dara fans should be thankful for. Even before 2NE1 promoted during the second half of the year, Dara had already been doing so many things that slaked our thirst for her. Here’s a summary of all the Dara moments for January-June 2013: 



Dara became Clio’s new endorser after the end of her contract with Etude on December 2012. It didn’t take too long before our sadness over the end of that partnership turned into joy when we learned of Dara’s new endorsement for a more mature make-up line! Taking over the endorsement reigns from her idol, no other than Lee Hyori, Dara made a spectacular transformation for Clio! She headlined two campaigns for the brand: S/S 2013 – Angel VS Devil and F/W 2013 Reverse Charm Lipnicure

Which one is your favorite look for the first Clio campaign for the first half of 2013?



Click the link below to read the rest of the article!


2NE1 also partnered up with upscale mall, Shinsegae, to endorse Chrome Hearts. The campaign titled “2NE1 Loves Shinsegae” started out in early May. The girls were chic, dark, fierce female warriors for the campaign. Dara looked particulary stunning with her simple bun hairstyle, but fierce eyes and poses.



From fierce to cute! Dara and Dadoong became Windrunner’s newest YG characters, along with G-Dragon (and Gaho) and Psy! Because of her new character introduction, lots of Blackjacks tried out the (admittedly quite more difficult than it initially looks) game just to have the Dara character!



Each of the 2NE1 girls got featured in different magazines in February, and Dara’s magazine was Elle Korea, which is the world’s largest fashion magazine and one of the top 10 Korean fashion magazines. Her feature was titled, “Say My Name” and we got a glimpse into Park Sandara, as well as 2NE1’s Sandara Park. We saw a different Dara in the photoshoot as well, as she tried out the innocent, pure girl look, and I must say it suited her perfectly!


Dara also had a host of solo magazine photoshoots for different Japanese magazines, S’eee, Maquia, and Zipper. Here are her photos in Maquia Magazine ^^:


She also had a solo shoot and feature for “Dazed and Confused” that was released in June. It was entitled “The Perfect Hybrid Girl” and has the catchy description phrase, “Nobody can copySandara Park’s charm and her sense of fashion that shines ahead of her time.” Indeed, we see ANOTHER different side of Sandara Park through the photoshoot!



On the thing she is most afraid of: “Loneliness. After leaving the stage, when we’re back at our individual hotel rooms, I think all of us could agree, there’s this sense of emptiness. It’s a little difficult to explain.” – Complex Magazine, January 2013

On being too shy to express herself outside the stage: “Even before debut, my dream was always to one day be able to perform on a concert stage, so it felt really awesome when we had our first solo concert stage two years ago. And I was really happy during last year’s concert tour… When the tour ended, I cried a lot. If we are able to go to even more countries this year, it would be better.” – Elle Korea

On her style: “I strive to stay true to myself. I’m actually a very shy person, but I love colourful and dramatic styles. My number style rule is to strike a balance between what’s drastic and what’s moderate. It’s about considering the total balance in your getup. I always choose to emphasize on only one element of my look for the day. I used to think that I am the ‘cute’ type, but after joining 2NE1, my style has transformed so much that it’s now sometimes charismatic, sometimes chic, sometimes fun and sometimes funny! I really love being versatile and being able to transform my look so frequently.” – Clio interview via Yahoo! Philippines

On her style icon: “I don’t have just one style icon because I don’t keep to just one style. One day, my look is cute and the next day, I have transformed myself into a sexy temptress. I think the whole idea is to keep changing my look – transforming myself is my big pleasure in life.” – Clio interview via Yahoo! Philippines


I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but Dara experimented with her hairstyles a lot more when she was still a brunette, as compared to when she was blonde. I mean, yeah she did some crazy hairstyles as a blonde, but her more outrageous and daring hairstyles were reserved for her darker hair color, here are just SOME of them:


And then here’s my favorite hairstyle for Dara in the first half of 2013 – RASTA HAIR! ❤ Love, love, love Rasta Dara’s reggae hairstyle! And she must’ve loved it too, she took so many selcas during the time she had this hairstyle on!



I think that Dara’s evolution in fashion and style saw a BOOM! during the second half of the year. Not to say that she wasn’t stylish at the earlier part of the year too though! ❤ I love her fashion styles in the magazines she featured in, and some of her casual ensembles as well. ^^ She wore a lot of Adidas tracksuits during her spare time at the gym, and even while going out with friends. We also saw a lot of KTZ, Ballin, Chrome Hearts, and Balmain in 2NE1’s outfits during the earlier part of the year. Check out the “fashion find” tag in the site to see what other brands she wore!


Coats are fuzzy-warm, yet look incredibly stylish on her.


Dara has personally said that she collects hats and beanies. Her choices of headwear range from her ever-present beanies, to classy fedoras, to fluffy, furry hats. She not only buys headwear, but she loves them so much that she designed her own beanies and snapbacks and gave them to the YG dancers and WINNER kids. One of the iconic fashion statements that she made this year was the “May bride look” when she donned a veiled beanie at the airport while headed to Japan. Press people and fans alike noticed it, remarked on it, and loved it! Here are MOST of her headwear that she sported at the first half of the year:



JANUARY: The “Dishwasher Park”  incident


Taeyang uploaded a picture of Dara washing dishes in YG Gym, to which, of course, dear YG Family set out to tease her about. When G-Dragon asked her to wash the dishes in Big Bang’s dorm, our sweet Sandara Park replied with, ““I’m not someone you just order to do your dishes for you~~~ㅋㅋㅋ” then went out to sic a roaring, totally scary Dadoong on him! Yeah, you totally own them!

FEBRUARY: Cotton Candy Kiss


Dara’s parody of the famous “cotton candy kiss” in one of 2013’s biggest dramas, “That Winter, the Wind Blows” starring Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung, made it to the news and trended on Nate as well! From what we can tell, one of 2NE1’s staff, RJ, scurried around to buy the cotton candy for her. XD

MARCH: Angel Dara to her Fanbases


Dara always makes sure to show her love to fans. When 2NE1 went to Malaysia for an event, “Forever With Dara” Dara’s Malaysian fansite, worked hard to show Dara how much they love her by preparing cupcakes and other gifts. They waited at the girls’ hotel lobby while fans on Twitter tweeted Dara about them and how they were waiting to have their gifts taken. Dara sent down Jjangmae and even gave them a handwritten letter of thanks! Sweet, right?  She also acknowledged San Union’s project to congratulate her for being Clio’s newest endorser!

APRIL: Dara, the Dongsaeng Pabo


We all know that Dara is a certified “dongsaeng pabo,” and I think we would be hard-pressed to name a bigger Thunder stan than Dara. On the last day of shooting for Thunder’s drama “Nail Shop Paris,” Dara made her very own support project! She prepared the stickers on the food and drinks after she contacted Party Chef for the wonderful lunch.

MAY: Dara Acknowledges OD/WLD Project, Woot-woot!


Lots of things happened in May. Dara tweeted a lot during her stay in Japan and also during the ShinsegaexChrome Hearts party (shippers hearts went crazy, it’s not even funnyy XD). Dara also tweeted and got follows from two of her idols, Lee Hyori and Uhm Junghwa. But one of the most memorable things she tweeted about this month was her acknowledgment for WLD/OD anniversary projects! Woot, woot! She tweeted a picture of the WLD/OD gifts she received and also wore a shirt we designed while exercising at the gym!


BMExAXXCYAApecr.jpg large

I struggled with the best “Twitter” moment for this particular month… I was thinking of the sweet breakfast story that Dara shared, where she cooked breakfast personally for Thunder, but, I think a revelation was more , er, interesting XD… During the month of June, we found out that Dara considers Jo Sung Min (@jsmining) to be her “bestfriend!” Apparently, the two of them went out just to talk and Sung Min snapped a picture of eating Dara and said that it was hard listening to her when he was sleepy, kekeke! Jae Wook then took to teasing the two of them the next day. ^^


Dara is YG Family’s number one fan, she truly loves and appreciates every one of the YG Family members in such an endearing way.

She showed up as a surprise guest, in Gummy’s 10th anniversary fanmeeting, which is one of the last activities that Gummy had under YGE before transferring to C- JES Entertainment. When she went on-stage, a fanaccount said that Gummy looked as surprised as the fans! Then she shared how her Gummy-unnie helped her out a lot when she first came to YGE.

Before going to enlist in the army, Se7en did a Japan concert tour, to which Dara flew all the way to Japan just so she could watch. She didn’t tell Se7en about it, so he was surprised when he saw her backstage. Dara, along with Gummy, also shared lunch with Se7en on the day of his enlistment, and even went with him to Uijeongbu 306 Reserve.

And of course, Dara and most of YG Family went out to support the opening of Teddy’s cafe, Twosome Studio. She went with her Park sister, Bom, along with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, Lydia Paek, and stylist Yanggeng, among others.


2NE1 performed in G-Dragon’s OOAK Concert in Seoul. He had gotten sick prior to the concert and asked YG Family artists to guest perform in his concert so he could rest in between performances, and of course, they responded to his call splendidly. According to official YG News, though Dara was set to go to the Philippines on the day of the concert, she didn’t hesitate to stay to perform with 2NE1 for G-Dragon.

During her solo stay in Japan in May, Dara went to attend D-Lite’s solo concert. In his concert DVD released later in the year, BTS footage showed the two’s closeness and it was really nice to see the two interacting! Dara took a photo with Daesung and captioned it with “D-bright with D-lite” kyopta!

When CL made her solo debut with “Baddest Female,” Dara worked overtime to promote her single. She, Bom, and Minzy tweeted their support and encouraged others to do so as well. Dara also went to multiple Inkigayo recordings to “monitor” CL’s stages personally. Our heart-warming and supportive unnie!


Dara extended her circle of friends when she started to go out with Lydia, Marshall Bang, Monster Woo, and Lee Hi! They went out a couple of times together, and became fast, good friends with indie singer and songwriter, Sunwoo Jungah, who Dara regularly exchanges messages with on Twitter.

This year, we also saw her doing a couple of solo trips to Japan. Most of it is for work. She did a solo photoshoot campaign for many, different Japanese magazines. She made friends with several Japanese style and fashion icons, who were charmed by her unassuming style and charm. She’s met up with MYOB’s Comi and Tanimi, S’eee magazine’s editor and chief and fashion icon Emi Suzuki,



Aside from Twitter and me2day (which sadly closed down), Dara continues to reach out to more and more fans by opening up her own Japanese blog (open only to Japanese Blackjack Nolza members), named “Adventures of Da-Rabbit” and by updating 2NE1’s Weibo blog with her personal, handwritten messages and pictures. She wrote in Japanese and Chinese for the respective platforms.


What’s your favorite Dara moment during the first half of 2013? Stay tuned to the final part of this Dara summary report! ❤ Drop your thoughts in the comments below, we love hearing from you guys! ❤

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  1. wow Belle, you replied to a lot of the comments. waiting for the 2nd part. may i ask what WLD/OD’s stand on putting ads on this site?

  2. hello every one..can u please click on the link..this is all about sandara park.. i dont know f this is true..http://en.mediamass.net/people/dara-park/highest-paid.html

  3. chloemyst said:

    thank you so much for the hard work admin! i can see the amount of love you poured into writing this article. i cant wait for part 2… looking back to 2013 while stanning dara on the 2nd half of the year i totally forgot that all this stuff happened on the same year haha im so glad for this article

  4. thanks you so much for the wonderful summary of what happen too dara…..u know what my husband tell me whats wrong w/me hehehe i should go to korea coz everytime i got home from work the first thing i do is to open u’re sit hehhe…but my stress willl gone after reading what happen or new to her….so keep up the good work….admin

  5. I’m just a newbie fan of Dara but acting as if like I was already a fan of her since she was born :D. I already liked her since she was here in the Philippines, actually it was my mom whose very fanatic but just out of a blue, she was gone in the spotlight for years I guess and got no updates. And just this year, I’ve been watching 2ne1TV several times and got to know her more and more and more and more. There it started a crazy fan over here! 😉 Thanks to you admin, I got updated everyday because of your blog. I know you’re a crazy fan more than I am. 🙂 Thanks to your effort, the pictures are all good. I can’t pick which best :). More accomplishments for our goddess Dara this year! Fighting! ❤ 😀

  6. i really really love the Elle photo shoot. she’s so gorgeous and OMO she looks so innocent too *dies* O//////O and Thank you admins for working hard sharing/translating(we love youuu!) and sorry if i/we caused you stress. kkkk~ Daralings/Blackjacks/Oh-Dara Fighting!!

  7. What an awesome year for her. I hope and pray 2014 will be Dara’s golden year and the start of her actress/acting stint. 🙂 thank you for this!

  8. First tnx Admin for all the hardwork and dedication .it’s such an honor to be part of this fandom. Reading all the article that you compile for the 1st half of 2013 is really refreshing and looking back at what happen to her and the work you’ve all done really amaze me. Thank you so much we really appreciate it.

  9. It’s hard to choose which will be my favorite because everything about her is daebak. Though they have a world tour, I’m still hoping, she will have an acting gig. Sana po ^o^

  10. Dragonfly87 said:

    My favorite part (or parts?) of the year in general is how Dara became much more sociable and approachable to friends and fans alike. She has blossomed beautifully into a reliable friend and into the most ideal role model which is shown in much of the photos with friends, fellow artists, fans and family. It makes me wish I could meet her in person and spend a lot of time with her seeing how much people praise her—not for looks and talent, but her beauty within.

    Keep it up, Dara. I have my “mommy smile” on and I can sincerely say that I am proud of you! 🙂

  11. mollycoddle said:

    my favourite thing this year dara-wise was how turning 30 made her more feminine in terms of her clothing choice. less oversized clothes that (albeit on trend) looked like she raided a man’s wardrobe. a man thrice as big as her. this year we got to see her rocking glamourous hairstyles, SKIRTS, DRESSES, MIDRIFF, AND LEGS LEGS LEGS. 😀 and it all began with that amazing elle photoshoot. definitely an all time favourite of mine.

    seeing all these pictures put together also affirms how versatile she is and how she has the ability to pull off just about anything in terms of looks, attitude and vibe. it really baffles me how she isn’t a big time drama actress yet.

    thank you so much for putting this together, admin, looks like a ton of work! and also to all the ohdara admins, thank you for your religious and efficient updates on all news related to dara! you guys are amazing!

  12. thank you so much.. 😀 ❤

    i love the pictures from Elle's magazine ❤ i love the second pic from clio (angel).. and thank you.. really.. for sharing this to us.. honestly i didn't know much bout her before but now.. i am here to support her wholeheartedly..

    drama and more photo shoots for her for 2014!!!

    also i want to see her .. in her own song while playing guitar ^.^ her own MV w/ co-star from outside YG.. kyaaaaah!!!

    • Wow! Sooo happy then that we got another supporter through this article! Welcome to our world! ❤

      • thanks.. 😉 actually I already supported Dara and Oh Dara long time ago .. i am just more active now (as in everyday).. my day is incomplete without visiting Oh Dara for updates ^.^

        and my first time to attend 2ne1 concert in May 17 (hopefully).. to all Daralings and Oh Dara supporters.. can I go with you guys heheh.. can’t go there alone..

        so excited :p

  13. angel's wings said:

    ethereal beauty… i love elle mag photoshoot soooo much i even downloaded the video of it haha… but she looks good in whatever she’s on.. thanks for doing this great write-up.. good luck and happy new year to you all…

  14. thanks admin! i just want to add the addidas endorsement

    • The Adidas endorsement had a new photoshoot during the second half of the year. Which will be written up in the next portion of this article. ^^ Thank you!

  15. i like the elle korea photoshoot. it shows the goddess, innocent and angel like dara.
    and it gives me a glimpse of what to see if she will be on a drama this 2014 ( since actress tends to wear more tame on kdrama right? ).

  16. Wow! wow! Thank you so much for this compilation!!! What a wonderful way to relieve all things Dara in the past year! Looking forward to even brighter and dara-full 2014! All the best to WLD/OD! Cheers!

  17. she was out and about a lot. I’m surprised you were able to keep it this short for the first half.. hoping that 2014 would include a drama for her! even just a bit! thanks for updating the site all the time!

    • You wouldn’t believe the number of rewrites I had for this baby. It got too out of control and it took ages to prune out. Haha! ❤ Thank you! ❤

  18. AlohaDara said:

    Oh Dara Belle, Thank you for putting together this journey of Dara’s first half of the year so seamlessly. I felt like a kid reading and looking at pictures in my favorite book. Everything Dara is wonderful but if I had to pick one thing it would be Say My Name the Elle magazine shoot. very little make up and she is flawless, magnificent, enchanting, the pureness of Sandara Park!

    What I see underlying throughout is her kindness. She recognizes the power she has in promotions. So wherever she goes, whatever movie she watches, she posts about it and people will go or buy the product. She spends precious time with family, friends and fans to honor them, going out of the way to show them how special they are to her.

    Happy New Year Belle and may this new year be filled with wonder, excitement, and awesome surprises for Admin and Daralings to celebrate all things Dara together!.

    • Happy, happy new year to you! Thank you so much for your support and appreciation always. It’s such a joy to have someone like you commenting on the blog.. ^_^ And yes, Dara is such a great, wonderful, thoughtful person. Truly honored to be her fan. ^^

  19. LittleBigFan_dara_2ne1 said:

    dear admin ^_^ thank you so much for this …*bow* appreciates it so much

  20. pandaleth said:

    Adminieeee! XDi like all the pictures very pretty but I really love her Elle photoshoot ❤ that sitting photo with a lil bit of slouch . BEAUTIFUL! thanks for doing this :*

  21. DEEliciouslyGD said:

    Love this Admin post~~!! Dara looks Gorgeous and Awesome in all the photos, so i can’t really choose >_< !!! Thank you admin for doing this~~!! Forever Jjang WLD/OD~~~!! ❤

  22. dillatiffa said:

    my fav is during her solo photoshoot in japan… oh, and also with the bride beanie.. she was soooooo~~~ pretty… >/////<

    • Those shoots in the different magazines showed a different side to her, somewhat more free and colorful. ^^ And YES! The bride beanie!

  23. pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dara i can’t read the article properly as my eyes wandering on pics…hehehehe

  24. very2x beautiful dara.

  25. redstilleto said:

    Dear Admin, i like all the Dara moment you posted, really can’t choose one, i’m waiting for your next half of 2013 report!!!!! Loveeeeee it!!!! Kudos!!!!

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