Comments on: "Fanaccount: Sweet Dara Surprises Gummy On Her 10th Anniversary Fanmeeting" (19)

  1. Gummy and Se7en are such awesome sunbaes to Big Bang and 2NE1. Ten years in K-pop is a long time so lasting a decade is a big deal. I feel like Gummy will be able to step it up this year and I hope people will pay attention.
    I love how fiercely loyal Dara is. Dara, Gummy hwaiting! 🙂

  2. d fucks i give said:

    i guess dara can be called the ambassador of goodwill within the yg family. always surprising and spreading love within.

  3. hi guys, off-topic. does anybody knows any apps/software that i can used to make the design like the “10” in gummy’s poster? thanks. i really need it for my work.

    again, thanks

  4. dara is so sweet. she seems to be a permanent surprised guest to her YG Family!

  5. Dara-unnie is really the best<3 no words can describe how i really admire her

  6. she‘s sweet and very supportive. that‘s why she receives many blessings and lots of love. 🙂 thanks for this info

  7. i felt like crying as i was reading the right up. So touching!

  8. i also cried while reading this! T_T thanks Gummy for making Dara feel at home and taking care of her. You are both beautiful and amazing human beings! ❤

  9. So touching! ^_^

  10. Dara so sweet! I didn’t know she was close to Gummy, glad to read this.

  11. ooh shit i read this make me tearing,dara ya…u the best….

  12. my baby girl is the sweetest thing in the world….
    my baby….baby Dee….
    oh my I’m so cheesy….
    but Dee makes me like this….
    Dee yah…Dara yah…. I love youuuuuu

  13. she’s really the sweetest and i love gummy too ^.^

  14. I will be forever proud of Dara.. She is so precious and the sweetest.. Beauty inside and out! <3333

  15. dara is really such a darling and she’s very supportive to everyone.she’s really one of a kind a very rare person.her heart is pure and i love her…dara ur really the best. gummy congrats on your 10th year anniversary in the industry. more success and awards to come….God bless you always dara-ya.Fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dara is really such a sweetheart. She never forgets those who were always there for her before.

  17. “though she didnt get alcohol” lol were they serving alcohol?
    dara is alway and forever will be a great friend… i didnt even know they were close…

  18. GoddessDara said:

    Dara unnie so precious.. YGFams no.1 fan!!! TT_TT coz of Dara unnies beautiful heart.. I so love you Dara unnie.. Don’t ever change.. ^________^

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