Dara goes all out in her support for CL! ^^ According to Korean Blackjacks, Dara sat with fans during CL’s pre-recording in Inkigayo, carried the TBF banner and cheered for CL as well. Dara was acting all cute and pumped the Blackjacks who were there up! ^^ 

I just love how Dara goes all out for the people she loves. She doesn’t care about her image when she does that. She isn’t afraid to not look cool or not look “swag” for as long as she can show her support. Don’t we all just love that about her? I appreciate the fact that no matter how bright Dara’s star shines, she can still step out of the limelight and be a normal fan like us!

And how cute is it that while Dara was trying to enter, she got kicked out! Hahaha! Maybe it was because she looked too much like a normal fan that the security didn’t recognize her? But according to Dara, it was because she was TOO PRETTY! ^_^ So kyeopta Dara but oh so true! You are too pretty!


DARA: Blackjacks!!! Before you enter for pre-recording, rehearse the fanchant a lot! ok!? So our CL rapper can concentate.. Whoo.. and.. there’s no more to prepare rightt? whoo.. I’m nervous.. why!!! relax…!!!

DARA: What are you all doing~ Lets play!!!

DARA: I’m… entering, but I was asked to go out.. ㅠㅠI wanna watch the pre-recording. I’ll still watch it!!

DARA: CL unni is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DARA: Nappeun Gizibe is really daebak!!! You’ll watch inkigayo right? It’s very cool…


DARA: I got my nappeun gizibae banner!!!! ^_^;


SSEJDY: ㅋㅋ Singers are not allowed to enter!!

DARA: It seems like I was too pretty ~ >.<





Translated by: @OhItsLai, @kristinekwak and @ilove2ne1girls

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Goes All Out in her Support Towards CL – Dara is “The Sweetest Female”" (6)

  1. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Dara unnie!!! You are so lovely…really touched^.^~~unni Hey >.<V

  2. Dara isn’t self-conscious that’s why she can do the things she does. It’s what makes her endearing. And real. And approachable. I think it’s pretty normal for celebrities to feel self-conscious though. It’s sort of an occupational hazard. 🙂

  3. OMG! Dar-ong. you are making me cry TT_TT because of happiness


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