Oh Dara, so carefree! These awesome pictures really bewitched me..:) Lovely Darong is so lovely. Dara Dara Snow White and Bright.











Sources: @OMGSANDAR21, @littlestone_,@frolicker_21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 131212 More Fantaken Pics of Awesome Dara arriving at KBS Cool FM “Lee Sora’s Music Square”" (9)

  1. I agree with what heartsflowersribbons have said. The 1st picture is soo magical. 🙂

  2. It’s like she’s doing a scene. So pretty!

  3. Omagawsh! So pretty! OMO >////////< She's killing me with her cuteness

  4. so beautiful…. is this stolen shot? looks like a commercial, mv, photoshoot, movie , etc. i can’t describe because all her shot so perfect! truly goddess

  5. It looks like BTS or M.V ❤

  6. Jekardipine said:

    2nd pic is like a Missing you poster of Dara 🙂
    She’s so stunning in all pics 😀

  7. heartsflowersribbons said:

    First picture is so magical -.- i criessss

  8. looks like a drama no matter what angle, daras just so photogenic, its like you have to capture every moment.

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