Dara and Yang Gaeng’s “couple sweatshirts” are from Rodarte.. ^^ I’ve seen some people comment and freak out about their “couple clothes” but I truly, truly believe that it means nothing and I bet the other girls have this one too, or a variety of this one, kekeke! ^^


Source: @krungy21 + WeLoveDara/OhDara + lyst.com

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: “Gangsters” Sandara and Yang Gaeng Flaunt their Rodarte Sweatshirts" (5)

  1. a hint that he would be in the mv . . . ๐Ÿ™‚ no joke i saw him in the first mv teaser

  2. they look cute. guess Dara would look extra cute in couple clothes with her future boyfriend. not that i’m saying they’re together coz as far as i know Xin has a GF

  3. she just makes anyone standing next to her look good.
    couple sweatshirts but just good friends.

  4. i have speculation that dara and yanggeng will be the star in the mv.. just the feeling though….i hope it’s true…kekke

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