So much love pouring out from everyone! ❤


From YG Family:



Unnie is on Instagram^.~?  헤헤 A very, very happy birthday to you unnie 


It’s Dara-noona’s birthday…… Ah, have a happy birthday ㅎㅎ힛^.^!!!!! 






Yup! Noona, happy birthdday!!! And welcome to Instagram!! I’ll give you a gift, one way or another! I really want to, so I’ll prepare one well!!! Follow me back on Instagram too please~! lyricaldrawing

BY14mTeCUAAUlEW.jpg large


From 2NE1 Band (Ooohhh, I am loving these tweets, maybe they’ll meet each other again soon? I hope!):





From friends:


I would like to thank you from the very moment that Dara and Chief Sup (T/N: He’s referring to himself, his name is Lee Hyo Sup), I’ve learned a lot from Dara’s good work ethics and warm personality, and I also got to know Dara a lot as well. In the future, quickly overcome any difficulty and find wisdom while doing so! I am continuing to pray that more good things will come your way! Happy birthday




Happy birthday @krungy21 Thanks a lot to you, you’re really very kind. I hope someday I can repay you back, be happy at all times!


Krung, we need new pics.. These ones with you are so old already, but enough to last a lifetime.. Memories are forever


ANA: Happy birthday to the one and only nation’s krung-krung!!! I miss you already! *kisses on cheek*!!! Are you a grandma already too??? 🙂





And lastly, from a very special someone that Dara surely loves the most.. JOLLIBEE!!! XDDDDD



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Translated and Re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara’s YG Family, Friends, and 2NE1 Band Pour Out Their Greetings for Her Birthday" (14)

  1. awww…the most touching greeting comes from spiffy… really shows how close they are….and how much he treasure dara,,,,even ben baller’s msg is touching……

  2. no one from BigBang greeted her publicly 😦 anyway there’s Jollibee LOL

  3. Reblogged this on The Baddest Female and commented:
    Some of people who loves Dara, greeting for her birthday :’) #HappyDaraDay

  4. why don’t i even know that news..

    YG FAMILY rules!!!

  5. omo 2NE1 BIGBANGAND WINNER at MAMA? Wow lets turn it to a YG concert again! hihihi /le dead. btw Happy bday dara!!

  6. Jollibee for the win!!!! the know Dara has been their avid unofficial endorser, so I hope that one of these days they will make it official.

  7. BunnieUnnie said:

    JOLLIBEE?..wah!~~~ I think it should be ‘Dee’ instead of “Bee” that his greeting should be like this ‘Dee Happy Birthday!’..kekeke..^__^v

  8. GUYS!! BIGBANG, 2NE1 AND WINNER ARE CONFIRMED TO ATTEND MAMA 2013 AND 2NE1 WILL COMEBACK NEXT WEEK? IS IT TRUE?? It’s all over twitter and saw some news on google!~ Tell me, is it true?

    • yes it’s true!

    • Rona which is? That 2ne1 will have a comeback or that Bigbang 2ne1 and winner will be on MAMA 2013? Thanks. Where did you read it?

      • in twitter and news…it was confirmed…I’m really happy today…hehhe
        the news said..2ne1 will have a special mama comeback…
        and it’s a new song…
        so excited

    • I actually saw that too! And winner!! Waahh! YG Mini Concert!! 😀 2NE1 doing their comeback on Mama! Who does that?! 2NE1 daebak!

      I hope Big Bang will also do a special Mama comeback and Winner for their debut song!! Akkkkk!!!! This is to the extreme!!! YG comeback stages and debut stage! That’ll be awesome!!

      When is MAMA again?

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