Thank you everyone who joined us on our #HappyDaraDay Twitter trending party last night! It was a huge success, and the #HappyDaraDay went up to become number one on trending topics!

BYzJXaVCIAAjebv.jpg large

Then Dara updated her new Instagram account and people went crazy over it for a bit and left the trending for a while, kekekeke, totally understandable though! ^^ However, in just a few minutes, the #HappyDaraDay got right back and trended in several countries! At its peak, it reached number 1 Trending Topic in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore, and trended in various different countries as well!

BYzTH1SCAAAqQZu.jpg large

Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU everyone for joining us and for making Dara’s birthday a truly memorable one. ^^

Comments on: "Admin Post: Happy, Happy, #HappyDaraDay To Our Gorgeous , Kind-Hearted Birthday Celebrant, Sandara Park~" (20)

  1. Hello Andy,Actually I am not sure, I never tried this before. But I guess you can use STOP LIMIT. You can set order type Stop Limit and set LIMIT price is the mamxuim price that you will accept to buy. Set Stop Price to the price that will trigger the BUY process. So you will need to set specific price that is higher than today’s closing price. For duration, if the current day’s market is closed, you can use DAY value which is referring to the next trading day. If not, I don’t know how to specifically set the duration as the next trading day.For example, if the stock’s closing price was $40 . And you believe that if the stock is getting over $42, that would be a signal to uptrend , but don’t want to spend more than $43 to buy that stock. You can set STOP PRICE to $42 and LIMIT PRICE to $43 .

  2. sorry dara we haven’t made it no.1 trending here in the philippines but don’t worry you’re number 1 in our hearts :)))

  3. guys, i guess another gift we can give dara and her yg family is by voting in mama 2013..seriously… mama should be like yG thing…specially now they are going to attend..are we this weak?? i mean im so busy but i still make time to vote everyday..i heard some fandon uses cheat to vote, but we dont need that. if only we do our part.

  4. congratulations admin… 😉

  5. everyone can love an idol but the way i see how daraling love Dara is very loyal and humble they always show there support and always in her side in all situation i guess it just reflect how Dara like this to all daraling and im very proud of this kind of relationship cos i can see its very pure. keep it up guyz ur all amazing. Deabak!! Fighting!!

  6. Good job guys<33

  7. i participated in this trending too bad I’m in the middle east,,,but i keep retweeting a lots of tweets…goooooo!!!!!!!

  8. what happened to Kwanghee and Siwan i though they are friends?

  9. yeah what happened to the fanboys? my bias Flowsik,Donghae and Chanyeul how about bigbang?I feel disappointed on them.

  10. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Congratulations, everyone! 🙂 #HappyDaraDay is trending worldwide. DARA also trended. 🙂

    To Sandara Union (San Union), Oh Dara, Oh My Goddess Dara, We Love Dara and all the Sandara Park Fan Groups out there: Thank you so much for making this all possible. It’s a well organized event, it’s successful. So, congrats! 🙂 You are all the best!

    Congrats also to all the Sandara Park Fans (Daralings) and 2NE1 Fans (Blackjacks) who joined the event! We’re awesome! Yeah! 😀 😉

    I also join the Twitter Party and it’s so much fun! It’s also a way to promote Sandara Park and 2NE1.

    Happy Birthday, Sandara! You are amazing! 🙂 #HappyDaraDay

  11. last time i checked she trended #2 in the Philippines! Happy Dara Day my favorite girl ever

  12. but where are the fanboyssss??? FLOWSIK? DOnghae? =(

  13. and now those Beliebers who hate Dara for having a kiss from JB, You know who Dara is! the Goddess of Beauty that can make dA WORLD CRAZY In Love with HER! =)

  14. Happy DaraDay Dara! I love this card because it show the many colors of you!

  15. BunnieUnnie said:

    that’s the power of our Goddess Dee! #HappyDaraDay

  16. happy birthday dara

  17. happy b-day to our Dearest Dara Unnie!!!! stay pretty and humble….
    we love you!!!

  18. Happy birthday to our angel sandara park! Oh-dara your the best! Thank you for everything…

  19. wow! .. I participated too ❤ your welcome and thank you also for the update.. i love oh-dara.com!! ❤

    Maligayang Kaarawan Dara Nuna!!

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