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Admin Post: Happy, Happy, #HappyDaraDay To Our Gorgeous , Kind-Hearted Birthday Celebrant, Sandara Park~




Thank you everyone who joined us on our #HappyDaraDay Twitter trending party last night! It was a huge success, and the #HappyDaraDay went up to become number one on trending topics!

BYzJXaVCIAAjebv.jpg large

Then Dara updated her new Instagram account and people went crazy over it for a bit and left the trending for a while, kekekeke, totally understandable though! ^^ However, in just a few minutes, the #HappyDaraDay got right back and trended in several countries! At its peak, it reached number 1 Trending Topic in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore, and trended in various different countries as well!

BYzTH1SCAAAqQZu.jpg large

Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU everyone for joining us and for making Dara’s birthday a truly memorable one. ^^