Our girls look so chic and cool! ❤  Hooray for HQ pics! Thanks so much Blackjacks in London! ❤





tumblr_mvuv9aej4U1s33kfpo10_1280 21kbee-25


More pics after the cut!





21kbee-11 21kbee-30

tumblr_mvuv9aej4U1s33kfpo3_1280 tumblr_mvuv9aej4U1s33kfpo4_1280 tumblr_mvuv9aej4U1s33kfpo7_1280


Source: @ukygqueens + ukygqueens.com + Oppayouslut

Comments on: "Photos: 131106 HQ Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 at KBEE’s Korean War Veterans Presentation Ceremony" (10)

  1. Dara’s hairstylist should stop doing this hair style on her, it looks messy and very unflattering…grrr!!!

  2. There’s a ghost beside Dara in the 4th picture! O.o

  3. Oz the Great and Powerful said:

    CL looks like Theodora and Dara looks like Glinda 😀

  4. BunnieUnnie said:

    CL looks like a Nun here..Minzy, Bommie and Dara unnie looking casual in their outfit..

  5. What happened to Minzy’s nose?

  6. is that CL? God, she looks diff. kk

  7. I read further down on the homepage and realized that they had a fan signing. Maybe they ran out of time to change or something. The fan signing seems like it was a success though. So happy for them and the further exposure they got in London. Go-go-go 2NE1!!

  8. i just wish that bom should have worn something not so very casual maybe a skirt even if it’s short or pants

  9. Anyone else surprised with the girls’ choice in style for this event? 🙂

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