Whoaaaa! Dara looks so so so good and these pictures were captured magnificently! Kudos to the hard working team behind Oh My Goddess! ^^

That being said, I do hope we can all cooperate and respected OMG’s rules. They do allow re-posts of certain pics (nothing in the Level 7 posts though), they do NOT allow any form of editing. Much worse, when the person editing takes off their logo! If I were them and I worked hard getting the pictures, risking the threat of expulsion from the event, I’d be pretty pissed off if I find that other people stole my hard-earned pics. Who wouldn’t, right? ^^ So please, a little respect for them would go a long way! Thanks everyone! /bow




Credits: OhMyGoddess

Comments on: "Photos: 131031 Awesome Oh! My Goddess Fantaken Pics of Ethereal Goddess Dara at Gen Y Concert" (3)

  1. What is in the level 7 post? And I don’t understand what the levels actually mean and how do you get to another level?

  2. AlohaDara said:

    I am your fan Oh!MyGoddess! Your pictures of Dara are always the best! No matter what she is doing whether performing or just walking, she looks like a superstar everytime! Thank you!

  3. radulińa said:

    wow!! dara looks like gd here lol but i love this style it suits her!

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