OMG!!! Ya Justin! Why are you kissing Dara? ^_^ Hahaha! I guess Justin doesn’t know that Dara is a 29-year old cutie pie ahjumma! Maybe he thought Dara was just a teenager!



Last night in the VIP room with Justin & Dara #heartbreaker 

Credit: BenBaller@weibo

Comments on: "Weibo: Ben Baller Shares a Photo of Justin Bieber Kissing Dara – “#heartbreaker”" (58)

  1. keep coming back here…cant move on! hahahahah! Is there anyone who realized that some members of 2PM were there too for Jay Park!.and SPECIAL MENTION WOOYOUNG …#heartbreaker WOODARA =(

  2. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber but I don’t hate him. I just really don’t listen to his music, that’s all! 🙂

    And this is just a kiss on the cheeks. He’s just like a Fanboy. There’s nothing wrong with that. 😉

    This is a breaking news! This is a trending topic worldwide. They are all over the news! Hahaha! 😛 😀

  3. no one can resist on our goddess dara’s beauty… hahaha i wish i was JB at that moment…

  4. @emee
    do not equate to the west by the asia 😛

  5. And how can JB be immune to Dara’s charm,right?!! It’s only a simple kiss…..

  6. it’s just a western “hello” kiss from JB. But Dara looks surprised though! Oh God , pls save Dara from the JB fans.

  7. i just hope Dara won’t be bullied by some JB fans, coz some of them are delusional and obsessed, just like what happened to JB’s ex Selena Gomez, JB fans sends her death treat when they learned that JB and her was dating! for some this is just a cute sweet photo nothing serious but to some crazy JB fans they will freak out to death LOL!

  8. Dragonfly87 said:

    On a side note.. Notice Dara’s very PINK-ish neck!! It’s either she had a few drinks or she’s flustered. It’s cute. ^___^

  9. Dragonfly87 said:

    Ahjumma… Hahaha!

    Well, I am no JB fan (though some of his songs are admittedly catchy) and I am not happy with his lifestyle as shown thru media.

    However, I am happy for Dara to be able to meet international artists and be cool about such awkward situations. I really respect that. I am also happy that she gets to go to parties, be more outgoing (occasionally) and even hang out with people who are quite the opposite of her image as an artist and as a person. One does need some variety and adventure in one’s life after all.

    AND isn’t it just adorable? The possibility that JB doesn’t know Dara’s real age prior to this kiss is quite cute and funny.

    Just enjoy the photos, people. Take it as a compliment that Dara is an eye catcher and that, apparently, JB believes so, too.

  10. okay… G-dragon are you feeling well now? hihihi.. #appler 😛

  11. I’m not really into JB but I can’t do anything. And I felt sad unnie receive some hate because of her interaction with him. I just wanna rub off JB’s kiss mark on Dara unnie’s cheek.

  12. ew! this is a nightmare… just ew!..

  13. i don’t like justin beiber but since he became friends with dara…ummm nothing change i still don’t like him hahaha…and ohhh i noticed the tag #heartbreaker, looks a little fishy to me kekeke

  14. That photo is LOVELY but I think that photo is so sweeeeeeeeeet

  15. Funny thing is dara tried to be inconspicuous about being at the party. CL didn’t post about it in her ig, sungmin (?) deleted that video that included dara, ben baller’s tweet didn’t mention her when obviously she was with them, even dispatch didn’t have a paparazzi photo of her which i think is weird. It’s like she didn’t want anyone to know she’s there.

    • radulińa said:

      yep i noticed it too.. even cl covered dara if you saw videos from the party i was weird t

  16. This comment had me…. justin+dara+flowsik = jurasik park(dara)
    I cudnt control my laughter

  17. a lot of fanboys right now were in pain…kyaaakk!.. so love the news… heartbreaker..kekeke

  18. ahhhh Justin bieber lustfull kiss hahaha . . .


    OF DARA .

  19. OH MY GoD !!! this foto is so unexpected!!! Hhihiihi why do i feel so happy >,<

  20. radulińa said:

    omg guys did you read what beliebers said about dara ? SHE IS TOO YOUNG FOR HIM !! lol i cant….

  21. and take noteeee! This gonna be da Breaking News! hahahhhhahaha!

  22. ‘im not his fan!!! reallyyy!! hate his rude attitude… BUT……YEAHHHHHHH!!! LOVE WHAT HE DID! it really proves da POWER OF GODDESS D! even the untame and rude boy made fall in her charms! LOLLL!

  23. lovin the hashtag…haha! heartbreakerrr

  24. I’m more afraid of beliebers right now than happy with this pic. But I agree it’s cute! Even JB can’t resist her beauty :”>

  25. Dara is so cute in this picture and as much as I dislike Justin this is a pretty adorable pic between Dara and Justin. Like everyone says this is a common thing for Americans. Glad to see that Dara is meeting new people. I will always love and support her.

    But yeah so does this mean that Dara was also in the same party with CL and GD, not the AOMG, but Justin’s party? Or was this taken at AOMG?

  26. Love this, I was waiting for this photo since last night 🙂

  27. Chanyeol come and lemme give u a huggie ❤

  28. I’m very sure JB knows how old DARA is,so that kiss on the cheek is his american way of greeting your older sister or friend and he knows that 2NE1 r famous internationally so jb just want 2 shock d fans, its sweet and cute, reminds me of a cutie younger brother who is happy 2 see his sister,so fans just enjoy the pictures,i know so many idol girls group envy this picture.

  29. Aww~~ c’mon guys, it’s just a kiss on the cheek. For westerners, it’s as common as saying hello! ^^ i find it cute honestly. Good thing dara didn’t turn sideways or else… It’ll be WW3 for daralings and beliebers XD

  30. i’m not a fan of jb, but this picture is cute^^

  31. you’re my ha ha heartbreaker……….

  32. well…I’m giddy…I think, to JB…it’s normal..u know….so dnt stress urself…most skinship….

  33. According to ben baller’s tweet, this is dara’s picture. 😀

  34. radulińa said:

    guys dara was at jb party or just aomg ? coz there are some photos on allkpop from jb party and dara isnt in any photos just cl and gd

  35. Simplysweet said:

    I’m actually more curious of how Thunder feels at the moment..

  36. Can i kill jb now??!!!!

  37. Awww! I was hoping for a photo between Dara and Justin and I get this!! I’m sooo happy for Dara because I know she likes his songs!! It’s just a peck on the cheek so yea gooo Justin!

  38. Um not a fan of his but I’ll keep all that to myself haha…Dara looks even younger than him in this picture! Ethereal goddess. ❤

  39. radulińa said:

    lol i dont like jb. but this.. hh its cute and funny

  40. punkylovesdara said:

    CUTE!! ^^

  41. thehalftrue said:

    im just speechless and numb right now… idek what im supposed to feel after seeing this pic. but the caption made me laugh. yeah he probably thought she was around his age.


  43. WTF noooo why is this fag kissing her justtt Noooooo

  44. Love this picture! I’m sure it was a honor for Justin to meet our Dara and she too meet him too. Their music, lifestyle and values may differ but she is able to appreciate who they are as an artist, as a person, as a friend. That’s the power of Dara!

  45. eva angeli said:

    I wonder what Chanywol is thingking lol

  46. dara fanboys are jealous of JB right now… Dara doesn’t go for little boys

  47. I dunno why some daralings are happy about this. No. Just NO.

  48. I’m sorry, but eww. I feel sorry for Dara that that douchebag’s lips touched her skin.

    Poor girl.

  49. joanna reyes said:

    ahhhh ohhh crap!! what is this!!! they do look cute!! our goddes another fanboy on the list!!!

  50. lol my heart is aching but i cannot with your ‘I guess Justin doesn’t know that Dara is a 29-year old cutie pie ahjumma! ‘ bwahahahha AHJUMMA~ ><

  51. i was right the whole time..knowing JB will be in korea will surely meet dara..

  52. who wouldn’t want to kiss her on the cheek?? beliebers will have a riot now!!

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