My flawless, flawless goddess! ❤ OMG her legs, her face, her hair, her outfit.. Her flawless armpits! XD Gorgeous goddess Dara is gorgeous! ❤




Source: CLMyGoddess Naver Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130903 Beautiful Blonde Goddess Dara Dazzles at KBS Korea Broadcast Awards" (9)

  1. The armpit is to die for! Haha, i can just imagine flowsik saying, ‘armpit come to me!’ Lmao!

  2. Haha…lol yeah admin…haha even her armpit is enviable….keke

  3. What can I say? she’s my pretty woman DARA.

  4. darn the flawless armpits haha 😉

  5. her dress is cute…. and become moooooooooore cute on her…. ^3^

  6. i agree super dooper agree with admin..clap clap..

  7. LOL Dara’s armpits strikes again! She so flawless!

  8. she’s amazing!! btw admin do you have translations for her conversation with her bff jo sungmin ? 🙂

  9. Truly flawless! Is it weird that I’m envious of her armpits? LOL

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